From her role on As the World Turns, actress Alexandra Chando has become used to drama. But this time, she has to work doubly hard now that she’s been cast on The Lying Game. She’ll be playing protagonists Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer, long-lost twin sisters who eventually find their way towards each other.

On a recent interview, Alexandra Chando discussed the challenges and thrills of playing both characters in The Lying Game.

Regarding the dual role:

It’s first a blessing, first of all, to just have the opportunity to play two roles.  To be able to develop two characters and kind of find different things about them and explore them each and every day has been incredible.  It does come with its challenges, though.  I have 15-hour work days and I’m working an awful lot compared to what I would be working if I was just playing one character. […] It’s a challenge in the sense, besides the hours and the exhaustion, just trying to keep them straight sometimes.  

On Emma and Sutton:

Sutton Mercer is the twin sister that was adopted into a very wealthy family.  She kind of grew up in a privileged lifestyle.  She is kind of used to getting things handed to her; having things come a lot easier for her; takes a lot for granted.  I wouldn’t consider her a mean girl by any sense of the word.  I think she is just very self-absorbed and knows what she wants and knows how to get it and will kind of do anything that she can to do that.  And Emma Becker, who is the twin that was not adopted and was brought up in the foster care system, she is just a kind-hearted, really selfless person; just really longs to have that family connection that she has been missing for all those years and just truly warm-hearted and doesn’t take anything for granted.  

On which character she’d rather play:

I love both of them.  I think both of them are very interesting, very fun to play.  Emma is a little bit easier for me to play.  I can relate to her really well, but Sutton is interesting because she’s a little bit more work.  I really have to consider what she says, how she says it, and she’s got some things going on as far as the reason she is the way she is.  It’s certainly a little bit more interesting to try and work out Sutton’s characteristics, I think.

On the distinction between Emma and Sutton:

I think the hair and makeup is definitely a key element, as well as the wardrobe.  When we started, I sat down with our hair and makeup ladies and wardrobe and we kind of planned it out how we were going to do each character; who gets what makeup; who wears their hair differently and which way.  But I also think on top of that Sutton talks a little bit differently.  It’s not necessarily an accent thing.  She talks just a little bit differently as far as she always has a little bit of a drawl, in a way.  She kind of grew up in that very privileged way, so she talks in that kind of manner.  Her posture is different.  She’s definitely a little bit more polished.

On this season’s ending:

Every episode ends with a cliffhanger. I don’t know anything, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with the finale, but I am almost positive that it is definitely going to be a crazy cliffhanger.

Don’t forget to catch the premiere of The Lying Game tonight at 9pm on ABC Family. And you can read our review of the new series here.

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Shosanna Moore

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