Teen Wolf‘s fourth season has had a back-to-basics approach, but that certainly doesn’t mean the drama is even close to abating. With Kate Argent, the Benefactor, and some assassins running around town, Beacon Hills is more dangerous than ever before.

To find out more about what’s to come in Teen Wolf‘s fourth season, BuddyTV braved the crowds and fans to go straight to the source and ask, “Where’s Danny?” 

Seriously though, the crowd at Teen Wolf‘s San Diego Comic Con 2014 panel was thrilled to see their favorite cast members, and all the teases for the rest of the season just left us wanting more. 

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After the panel, BuddyTV sat down with the cast and creator of our favorite show to ask what’s next for the characters, who might die, and how Lydia really feels about Stiles’ new relationship.

Below check out the interview with show creator Jeff Davis. Unfortunately my camera decided not to focus for the first part, but the blur is gone by the second part of the interview:

Part one interview highlights:

  • Episode seven is a bottle episode set entirely in the high school where the CDC quarantines the school. Pretty much everything in the whole town happens at Beacon Hills High. 
  • Will Derek really die? The trailer seemed to point in that direction but Jeff Davis is coy.
  • He says the assassins’ success rate gets higher and higher. 

Part two interview highlights:

  • We’ll be learning more about Lydia’s history and her family.
  • The theme will be the pressure of temptation and monetary issues. Relationships will be tested. 
  • They wanted to get back to a sense of the ensemble cast after giving Dylan O’Brien a big showy role in season 3B.
  • They wanted to give Scott and Stiles a little brother, who is Dylan Sprayberry’s character Liam.
  • The secret of Malia’s father will come out and it won’t be a good secret for anyone, especially Stiles.
  • We’ll learn more about Deputy Parrish in the season’s ninth episode.
  • We will be seeing more Danny (whew!) but Davis said this season felt like a reboot. It’s hard to loose a main character like Allison and they really felt that loss. In certain ways it feels a bit like a new show. 
  • We’ll be seeing more of the Calaveras. Argent will certainly be tested more this season.
  • Peter is sort of like a prince who believes the crown belongs to him. His storyline is all about power. 

What about our favorite brilliant banshee? We sat down with Holland Roden, who was cracking jokes about Starbucks coffee, to find out what’s in store for Lydia this season: 

Interview Highlights:

  • We’ll be learning more about Lydia’s family and what makes her tick. 
  • What will the relationship between Lydia and Deputy Parrish be like? Holland says it’s weird because she knew both Tyler Hoechlin and Ryan Parrish for years before Teen Wolf
  • She can tease, however, that there is the potential for a love interest for Lydia. But she’s tight-lipped on who this love interest might be. 
  • She experiences a lot of romantic freedom throughout most of the season.
  • She thinks Lydia has mixed emotions about the Stiles and Malia relationship. Of course Holland thinks Lydia deserves it since she didn’t go for Stiles when he was available.
  • Lydia’s main goal this season is to help in whatever way possible, after not being able to help Allison last season. 
  • Season four will dive into Lydia’s powers more than ever before.
  • Holland talks about the other banshee in Beacon Hills, Meredith, and how she has gotten to work with her a little this season.
  • How is Lydia’s schoolwork going now that she’s transcribing random codes instead of Algebra? Holland says Lydia will never get a B. Holland says when she started acting her grades went down dramatically, but because Lydia lives in movie-land her grades never suffer.
  • “I don’t think Lydia sleeps.”

What do you think? Are you excited to learn more about Deputy Parrish? Excited for more Lydia backstory? And what about that bottle episode? Share your theories in the comments! 

Teen Wolf‘s fourth season airs Mondays at 10pm on MTV.

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