It’s been a long, long time since we last saw Haven. And we still have a bit of a wait — Haven season 3 will not premiere until September 21. At least there is a new preview video available!

WARNING: There are some pretty big Haven season 3 spoilers in this preview video. Even if you have watched every episode through the end of season 2, you are likely to be surprised. And all in 20 seconds! Anyway, if you don’t like spoilers, this could be a problem. Try not to look in that case.

The preview video for Haven season 3, titled “It’s All Happened Before,” has something you usually don’t see in a pre-season promo: new footage. While it’s possible that a few of the soundbites or fleeting images are from season 2, almost everything seems to be new.

Check out the Haven video below!

There is an awful lot to take in throughout this 20-second clip. But here are some highlights:

  • Those of you with any knowledge of the Haven season 2 finale will note that Audrey is back (and apparently none the worse for wear) from wherever she disappeared to at the end of the season. Will we find out the identity of her kidnapper?
  • Based on the fight scene between Nathan and Duke, it looks like there may be no time jump at all between season 2 and season 3.
  • On the other hand, Duke’s hair has gotten long. Maybe there’s another fight? Wouldn’t surprise me…
  • What is happening that happened before? You know, other than Audrey.
  • Is that scene of the group looking up at a bright light some sort of alien-abduction Trouble? That could be amusing.
  • The burning scene might be a garbage dump.
  • Audrey may have longer hair as well.
  • Seriously, could there possibly be anyone in the town of Haven who hasn’t heard of the Troubles at this point?
  • Duke’s eyes go weird when he kills someone. But what about when he is about to die? Because Duke is the one looking to be near-death here.
  • Wow! The Colorado Kid thing is going to matter again? Yay!
  • Crop circles?
  • Um, are they implying that the Colorado Kid (whoever he is) has been alive in that coffin all along?

Haven season 3 will premiere on Friday, September 21 at 10pm on Syfy.

(Image and video courtesy of Syfy)

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