In tonight’s episode, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) is taken captive while on vacation and Annie (Piper Perabo) has to figure out a way to bring him home.

Proposals and pirates

Auggie meets up with his girlfriend Parker and two of her friends in Africa. During their week in paradise, Auggie proposes to Parker and she says yes. Unfortunately, the couple’s happiness is spoiled when Parker’s friend, Debbie, is injured. Parker’s other friend, Wade, makes a distress call before heading toward the nearest hospital but Auggie senses that was a bad idea. Sure enough, Auggie and the others are kidnapped by pirates!

Negotiations and disagreements

Auggie manages to use Parker’s phone to call Annie and she realizes something bad has happened. Lena (Sarah Clarke) is then tasked with bringing Auggie and the others home safely, something that does not sit well with Joan (Kari Matchett). Meanwhile, the person handling the negotiations on behalf of the pirates is an American named Analise. She says Debbie, Parker’s injured friend, will be released while the others will be used in their business dealings.

As it turns out, Lena knows Analise-the-negotiator and the two debate over what the hostages are worth. Lena refuses to budge on her offer of two million and leaves things up to Analise. Joan is unhappy with Lena’s negotiation tactics and the two argue. Joan brings up their history in Nairobi and accuses Lena of putting one of her people in danger yet again. Annie manages to diffuse their argument, but the tension lingers as they wait for word on the hostages.

Auggie tells Parker the truth

When they have a moment alone together, Parker asks Auggie how he can stay so calm during their current predicament and Auggie tells Parker that he works for the CIA. Parker is confused and upset and wonders if she knows anything about the man she just got engaged to. Auggie tries to clear the air, but the two do not have time to talk before their captors return.

After an un-sanctioned rescue attempt fails, Analise raises the price to 15 million and gives Lena a new time-table. The pirates then begin to move the three hostages into the city and Auggie realizes that they need to escape if they are going to survive. During a road-block, Auggie and the others make their move. Once they are out of harm’s way, Auggie calls Annie about an extraction and thanks to her quick-thinking, a team is already on the way. After several more complications, the extraction team arrives and the hostages are saved.

More changes

After their rescue, Auggie proposes to Parker for a second time and promises her that he has told her his only secret. Auggie apologies for lying to her and Parker accepts his proposal all over again. Back home, Lena and Annie toast to a successful rescue mission, while Joan is left out in the cold. But she is not the only one, as Annie learns that her sister is reuniting with her husband and will be moving to California. At least this will make it easier for Annie to continue her globe-spanning seduction of Simon.

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