When Teen Wolf came to the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, the show brought the entirety of its main cast along for the visit. This included Holland Roden, the actress who plays mean girl and secret genius Lydia on the show. See what she had to say in this video!

WARNING: There may or may not be major Teen Wolf season 2 spoilers in this video. It’s hard to say. If there are, consider yourself warned. If not, sorry we didn’t get the good stuff for you. It wasn’t for lack of trying.

Lydia isn’t just resting on her brains and popularity this season. Ever since getting a werewolf bite from the late (or is he?) Peter Hale at the end of season 1, Lydia has been having… issues. We most recently saw her having a major supernatural experience and/or psychotic break in the burned-out Hale House.

What will this mean for Lydia going forward? Check out this video interview for some of the answers.

  • Note the coffee. They seriously all had coffee. (Please reference interviews with Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien to be reminded of this.)
  • “There’s some tire marks on her.”
  • Roden confirmed that Lydia didn’t do anything in particular during the time we didn’t see her in episode 8, “Raving.”
  • Does Lydia know that Peter Hale is pulling the strings now? It’s hard to say from Holland Roden’s mention of “looking at dirt, wondering if something’s below it.”
  • “She might really like the idea to control everybody and live forever with Peter Hale.” Unless this statement refers to supernatural stuff not yet shown on Teen Wolf, Lydia might be into some weird lifestyle shifts. But who wouldn’t want a creepy, ghost boyfriend?
  • It does not sound like the Lydia-Peter Hale storyline will end before we get to Teen Wolf season 3.
  • The answer to why Lydia neither died nor turned into a werewolf should extend into season 3.
  • I would totally believe that Lydia could juggle two men successfully. She’s that awesome.
  • Are there official shipper names for Lydia and her potential love interests on Teen Wolf?
  • Adding in a supernatural element to Lydia’s apparently boundless intelligence would be kind of great.

Teen Wolf season 2 airs Mondays at 10pm on MTV.

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