'Warehouse 13' Season 4 Premiere Preview: Let's Bring Back the House

Last season on Warehouse 13, Walter Sykes (Anthony Michael Hall) devised to destroy the warehouse and get vengeance on the Regents. Although it backfired that resulted to his demise, Sykes was successful at destroying the warehouse and therefore, killing several others in the process. Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder), Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) and H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray) were all killed. This leaves the last remaining ones, Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock), Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), and Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek) with the tough task of traveling to the other side of the planet to find an artifact that may or may not exist.

What kind of artifact is it? What could be the ultimate price of possessing it? If the team is able to find it, how then will it impact things on Warehouse 13 season 4?

What to expect from Warehouse 13 season 4:

This season Warehouse 13 delves on the remaining members of the team playing hide and seek with powerful artifacts in light of bringing everything back to what it used to be. This time, it is all up to Artie who seemed uninspired and defeated. Despite this, Pete and Myka hold on to the likelihood that Artie can get back what they have lost with the use of the surviving artifact. Get a sneak peek of tonight’s premiere, “A New Hope”:

With the assumed departure of Sykes and several other characters, this Syfy dramedy gets re-energized with the arrival of a new villain  – Brother Adrian (Brent Spiner of Star Trek: The Next Generation).  Executive producer Jack Kenny revealed to TV Guide, “Artie Nielsen and the gang are on a mission to pull their lives back together and Brother Adrian is a major obstacle to that. The Brotherhood is descended from the Knights Templar and connected to the Vatican. It is charged with the protection of many powerful artifacts, one of which Artie desperately needs to make everything right again.”

Aside from Brent Spiner, Allison Scagliotti will also return as Claudia Donovan. So is Rene Auberjonois as Artie’s friend Hugo Miller. Warehouse 13 will also feature new guest stars that include another Star Trek veteran Jeri Ryan, Amy Acker, Brian J. Smith and Sam Huntington.

Very recently, Syfy unveiled another sneak peek for the upcoming season at the Comic-Con International:

Catch all the action on Warehouse 13 season 4 as it premieres on July 23 on Syfy. For a sneak peek of tonight’s Alphas premiere click here.

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