It’s not just love that Detective Kate Beckett will have to face in Castle season 5. There are other mysteries as well. One such mystery may involve a new character played by Jack Coleman. Keep reading for the details.

According to a report from TVLine, Jack Coleman (known to audiences from roles in Heroes, The Vampire Diaries, The Office and Dynasty) will appear in Castle‘s fifth season as a politician who antagonizes Beckett. The report quoted Castle executive producer Andrew Marlowe, who described Coleman’s character as a “well-liked U.S. senator who finds himself in conflict with Beckett.”

When will Jack Coleman first appear on Castle? How often will Coleman’s character recur? What’s the root of all this antagonism between him and Beckett?

No clue. But, considering where we left off last season and considering the history of Castle as a TV show, there’s a good chance that Jack Coleman will play one of those involved in the murder of Beckett’s mother. Whether this senator is one of the instigators or merely one of those involved in the later cover-up would be the big question in such a case.

When you think about it, Jack Coleman’s casting makes perfect sense. Why?

  • Jack Coleman will play a senator on Castle. He previously played a senator on The Office. This senator was homosexual.
  • Jack Coleman played the homosexual father of Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries. On that show, he was a hardcore member of a secret society dedicated to keeping humanity safe from supernatural beings.
  • Jack Coleman played Noah Bennet (aka HRG) on Heroes, a hardcore member of a secret society dedicated to keeping humanity safe from supernatural beings. In doing so, he kept many secrets (some of them serious) from his family.
  • Jack Coleman played Steven Carrington on Dynasty, a soap opera fraught with the secrets of a wealthy family. Many of those secrets resulted in death. Could similar secrets have resulted in the death of Beckett’s mother?

Thus, it all makes perfect sense. If you try hard enough.

Castle season 5 will air at 10pm Mondays on ABC this fall.

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