Supernatural has been teasing the return of Lucifer for a while. “The Devil in the Details” gave us an up and close look at Lucifer’s manipulation of Sam, as the former Archangel tried to escape his cage with a new flesh suit. Lucifer’s methods of persuasion were fascinating, fun and oddly convincing but Sam resisted. By episode’s end, Lucifer still found out a way of the cage with having Castiel acquiesce to being the devil’s new vessel. It was a shocking, crazy twist and it could end up being one of Supernatural‘s best plot moves in years.

A Cool Story, Terrible Execution

No matter how you feel about Cas becoming Lucifer, a gigantic winged elephant needs to be acknowledged. The way Cas became Lucifer leaves A LOT to be desired. Castiel can be insecure, we know this, the adorable angel Ambriel said exactly the wrong thing to him. It is understandable given that moment, why Castiel made the deal with the Devil. The actual decision making was too rushed. It makes Cas look supremely foolish. It’s particularly regrettable that Cas didn’t even try to warn the Winchesters that he will no longer be Castiel.

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It’s a mistake but it’s an exciting mistake for the story. Ever since season 5, Supernatural has been trying to find a villain to match Lucifer. They’ve gotten close, Amara is damn impressive, but they haven’t quite gotten all the way there. It’s a smart move to admit their losses and bring Lucifer back into the fold. Not to mention they did it in such an organic way.

A Misha Collins Challenge

It’s kind of hard, right now, to imagine Lucifer to be played by anyone but Mark Pellegrino. “The Devil in the Details” was a great reminder of how perfect Pellegrino is in the role. Sadly, it was also pretty unavoidable fact that Lucifer had to change meat puppets. It wasn’t just from Supernatural‘s own lore but Pellegrino’s work schedule. He has a current recurring role on ABC’s Quantico. So Misha Collins is a substitute actor but he’s a really solid one.

Hopefully Misha will be able to do something other than a Pellegrino impression in future episodes. It was unnerving and effective for the end of  “The Devil in the Details” and a good way of demonstrating the personality shift. Collins is a talented enough actor that he should be allowed to do something a little different enough than Pellegrino’s exact mannerisms. Jared Padalecki played Lucifer with some variety in season 5 episode “The End”.

Even if Lucifer in Castiel acts like just Lucifer in his old body, it will terrifying enough. The reason that end of “The Devil in the Details” is such an effective ending is because of the perversion of character. We are so not used to seeing Castiel in this way. It’s inherently uncomfortable to see Cas so happy, not to mention smiling as he snaps people’s necks.

The Personal Angle

With Rowena dead, Supernatural should have a villain with a personal connection to heroes. (Crowley has worked enough with the Winchesters to be considered an ally at this point.) Castiel’s body becoming Lucifer’s vessel is about as personal as things can get for both Winchesters. Sam as a vessel is still emotional but that’s really just Dean’s struggle. If Castiel’s body is under Lucifer’s control that means both brothers will have a personal stake in getting the angel back to normal. 

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Things might seem a bit too chaotic, not only is Amara still alive but Lucifer is out of the cage, in Castiel’s skin. It’s a lot of terrible things happening at once. Dean called Lucifer and Amara on the loose at the same time a nightmare. He’s absolutely right. Sadlly fo Dean, Supernatural is at its best when the living nightmare of the story is as crazy and terrifying as possible. Castiel becoming Lucifer fits that description perfectly. 

But what you think? Are you excited or horrified by Castiel becoming the new vessel of Lucifer? A little bit of both? Is there even some hope that not all is what it seems? Did you see the twist coming? Or where you shocked when Lucifer revealed himself?

Supernatural season 11 airs at 9pm on The CW.

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