The only thing Teen Wolf loves more than introducing a killer monster hunting our heroes, is hiding that monster’s true identity. The episode “Codominance” saw Theo, the never ending monster encyclopedia, explain that The Dread Doctors summoned the beast into a body of a teenager. The poor kid might not even have any idea that they spent their nights as The Beast and are more or less completely at the mercy of the Dread Doctors. There were no direct clues given about how could be The Beast but I think there is only one real suspect. Mason Hewitt has to be The Beast of Gevaudan.

Mason Would Be the Most Effective

There’s no character more innocent and kind hearted than Mason on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Sure, Scott is basically the werewolf Jesus but even Scott sometimes struggles with morality. Scott has to make some hard decisions as an Alpha and he fights with his rage a bit too much. Mason doesn’t have powers and often isn’t aware of all the information. He helps out simply because the goodness of his heart and his love for his best friend, Liam.

If Mason were, against his will or knowledge, The Beast of Gevaudan it would cause a lot of turmoil for the character. Teen Wolf loves to have their characters in a state of internal distress and Mason secretly being the Big Bad would fit the bill. It doesn’t appear The Beast has killed anyone but it has to be an eventuality. How would Mason, who is so determined to be a “good guy”, indirectly killing someone?

It might seem a bit like kicking Liam when he’s already down but if Mason was The Beast, Liam would have a real personal stake in the story. In fact, all the characters would. Mason is the one character from Liam’s circle of friends who regularly interacts with the pack. The hunt for The Beast would be less a story of killing the unstoppable bad guy and how to turn the unstoppable bad guy back into their friend. Even objectively, that is a vast improvement of a story.

Mason Makes the Most Sense

It’s pretty easy to eliminate some characters from the list of The Beast suspects. Let’s just assume that Theo is right and that it is a kid. It makes sense to take Theo at his word, he’s rarely been wrong and it would fit the Dread Doctor’s MO. Though are limitless teenagers apparently in Beacon Hills, it’s pretty safe to assume The Beast is already someone we know. When the majority of the cast is teenagers and the Big Bad is secretly a teenager, it would be foolish to not make the Big Bad a recognizable character and not some random kid.

With all that in mind we are pretty much down to Theo and Scott’s respective packs. We can eliminate Theo, Hayden, Tracy and Liam. The Beast has been shown chasing all four of those characters at one point in season 5. It’s going to take Teen Wolf a lot of explaining to make it work that The Beast could be two people at one time. We can also remove Lydia because she is in her coma learning how to be a better Banshee. Eichen House has the worst medical professionals in TV history working there but even they would know if Lydia turned into a gigantic rage monster every night. 

We can also guess that Stiles, Scott, Kira and Malia are also off the list. Teen Wolf has already done the story of Stiles having the villain of the season inside of him. They might as well revisit the Nogistune story, if they want to have another “evil” Stiles. Kira was in the desert with the Skinchangers when all of the Beast stuff was going in Beacon Hills. Furthermore if she had The Beast inside her, you’d think the Skinchangers would’ve mentioned it. Teen Wolf seems pretty committed to Malia hunting her mom the Desert Wolf, it be weird to muddy the waters with her also being The Beast. As for Scott not being The Beast, I think Teen Wolf would be hinting more strongly if the main character was also the central villain of the season. 


So that just leaves Corey, Josh and Mason. It would be redundant on Teen Wolf’s part to make either Corey or Josh The Beast. Both characters are extremely shady and suspicious, but we know why they are shady and suspicious. They are members of Theo’s zombie chimera pack, they’re just inherently creepy. It’s possible that the Dread Doctors made one of them into The Beast while they were making chimeras but you’d think Theo would’ve sensed it.

So by process of elimination and knowledge of good storytelling, you can put good money on poor, sweet Mason being The Beast. But what do you think? Do you agree? Could The Beast really be Corey or Josh? Or someone completely different? Is it possible that Theo’s wrong and The Beast isn’t even a teenager? If it’s not Mason, who do you think is The Beast? 

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