I had been predicting for weeks that Dean would meet his maker in Supernatural‘s third season finale, so why was I so shocked and saddened when it actually happened?  Maybe it’s because creator Eric Kripke gave me a kernel of hope at the beginning of the episode, then cruelly ripped it away.  Many Supernatural fans had predicted that Sam would find a way to save Dean by using his powers, and when that possibility was presented by Ruby (Katie Cassidy) I figured I knew where things were headed.  I expected some sort of last minute save, and though it would have been a bit on the deus ex machina side of things, I was ready to welcome it.  However, that didn’t happen.  Sam chose not to work with Ruby due to his brother’s distrust of her, and Dean ended up dying because of it.

“No Rest for the Wicked” came to an end with Dean trapped in Hell and screaming for help.  Where does the show go from here?

Before I predict what will happen next, let me just say that I thought Supernatural‘s season finale was absolutely fantastic.  Though I didn’t want Dean (Jensen Ackles) to die, I actually respected the show for having the guts to follow through with his deal.  However, this is officially the last time I’ll allow them to kill a Winchester.  They’ve killed off all the main members of the Winchester family at least once, and there’s only a certain number of times I can accept them coming back from the dead.

Let’s face it: We know that Dean is getting resurrected at the beginning of season 4.  When a show only has two cast members, chances are slim that one of them will stay gone for long.  Of course, I suppose it’s always possible that the producers could team Sam up with a new character played by Robert Patrick, but that trick didn’t work out so well for The X-Files.

When Supernatural‘s fourth season begins, I predict that some time will have passed since Dean’s death. Sam (Jared Padalecki) will be darker than ever before, possibly resembling the hopeless character that we saw in “Mystery Spot.”  Assuming that Ruby is still alive after being possessed by Lilith, it’s possible that Sam may be learning how to access his powers with her help.  If he can truly tap into that psychic mojo, maybe he can find a way to bring Dean back from the grave.

Of course, the real question is: How much of Dean will remain when they finally get him back?  I’m sure most of his humanity will remain intact, but will he emerge from Hell with some sort of wacky demonic powers?  If so, would that be a good thing for the show?  Dean’s charm lies in his sense of humor, determination, and cavalier attitude.  Do we really want to see him grappling with internal demonic urges?  I’m not so sure.

However, it’s too early to worry about what Dean will be like when he returns.  For now, I just want to revel in the greatness of last night’s episode.  I want to remember Sam and Dean singing along to “Wanted Dead or Alive,” and think back to Dean’s touching admission that his love for Sam was his one weak spot.  It’s brotherly moments like those that make Supernatural so special, and if Eric Kripke is to be believed, we’ll be getting more of them than ever next year.

It’s going to be a long, hard road out of Hell, but it’s going to be even more torturous waiting for Supernatural‘s fourth season to begin.

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