The intense mother-son reunion between Harvey and his mom Lily on this episode of Suits was definitely highly anticipated and rightfully so because it is just as extreme as we thought it would be. Finally, we got a look into the real reason Harvey and Lily had been estranged for 20 years in the episode called “The Painting.”

A Not so Pleasant Reunion

We see Harvey reach out to his mother after not seeing her for seven years, and while she is surprised, she’s still pleased. But their reunion turns sour when Harvey has flashbacks that reveal just how bad things ended between them. 

In one scene, Harvey’s friend and colleague encourages him to attend the wake of his father. He refuses at first and claims he has “work stuff” going on. But he decides to go only to find out that his mother is still dating the man she cheated on his father with. When he was younger, Harvey caught his mother in her infidelity and she asked him to keep it a secret. He obliged but now it’s safe to say that secret was too much for him to carry. Still, just when it seems like they are nearing a breakthrough when Harvey decides to forgive his mother (and credits Donna for his change of heart), he gets extremely defensive when she says she forgives him too. He clearly doesn’t understand why he would need any grace and/or mercy from her. She calls him self-centered and he does the same before he gets up to leave. She points out that he always neglects the family. 

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Harvey vs. Everybody

Harvey then gets an unexpected visit from his mother’s new husband (and previous secret lover) Bobby who confronts Harvey for getting his mom’s hopes up about their reunion only to shut her down once again. Harvey gets a rude awakening when his brother sides with their stepdad and reveals he faced a life-threatening illness but couldn’t tell him because of their broken relationship. He also reveals to Harvey how much their mother and Bobby was there for them. It looks like that was enough for Harvey to soften his thoughts toward his mom and they finally have a heart-to-heart that points them in the right direction.

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch…

Also in this Suits episode, Rachel, Louis, and Michael try to hold things down at the firm but they both have a power trip and disagree on how to handle a special case. In the end, it all comes together as Harvey and Louis both realize they aren’t quite ready for the challenge of being promoted to managing partner. So they decide to do it together. Michael and Rachel also come together as they stay committed to resolving the case.

Was Harvey ready for the reunion with his mother? Do you think he was too harsh and stayed away too long? How important was it for him to have peace with her and Bobby? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! 

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