In this episode of Star, “Next of Kin,” Star, Simone and Alex are supposed to be recording their demo, but Simone is recovering from her drug overdose and is put under psychiatric hold. Star is determined to find a way to not miss their first session in the studio and will stop at nothing to get her sister there, much to Carlotta’s dismay.

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A Life or Death Duet

Simone is in the hospital after passing out at church. She went into cardiac arrest after taking a handful of painkillers and drinking whiskey. While Simone is being resuscitated, she dreams of her late mother and sister Star singing to her. Her mother is singing for her to come back to her in Heaven, while Star is fighting for her to stay alive. Carlotta tells the doctor that she is Simone’s mother but has a hard time answering medical history questions and does not know her health issues.

Meanwhile, Alex and Star go to a club and get in using Alex’s dad’s name. They are there to talk to one of Roland’s music producer friends named Big Boy to help them with their demo. Star eventually answers the phone and goes to the hospital to see Simone.

Simone wakes up and tells Star about seeing their mother. Star calls their mother a junkie and is worried about Simone after she says she wanted to give up and go to their mom. When Simone asks about the music competition, Star responds, “You just OD’ed, bitch,” which, despite how it sounds, is Star’s way of worrying about her sister. She certainly has a way with words for a songwriter.

Escape Plan

Jahil goes to the studio head to get studio time for Alex, Star and Simone’s demo. While the studio head is not interested in the band — “A girl group? What is this, 1985?” — he gives them a spot because Jahil has enough money. Jahil calls Star to tell her about the studio time, but she does not tell him about Simone. The doctors put a 72-hour psych hold on Simone because they think it was a suicide attempt. Star is mad at Carlotta for not standing up to the doctor.

Star’s one-liners continue when Hunter, the football player who is interested in her, goes to the hospital to visit her and she says, “You’re going to have to do a lot more than call to make me come” and “I’m not trying to be some WAG.” She definitely has a future on The Real Housewives of Atlanta if she stays in the city and her singing career doesn’t work out.

Star goes to Alex for help in breaking Simone out of the hospital so they can go to the demo recording. They throw a rock through Carlotta’s window so she will leave the hospital, but before they get the call about the “break-in,” Carlotta’s daughter tells her that she is going to get surgery to officially transition into a woman. Star puts on scrubs, and they successfully get Simone out of the hospital. I’m not sure if we should be more concerned about Simone or the lack of security at hospitals in Atlanta.

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Mama Drama in the Studio

Jahil is late to the studio because he is fulfilling the deal he made with an old woman named Maggie to get money for the studio time. He thought it was a drug deal, but it is actually human trafficking. He tells the women that he will call the cops to help them and has Hunter punch him so it looks like he put up a fight. Carlotta calls Jahil to find out where Simone, Alex and Star are, and she shows up at the studio. Carlotta and Star get into a fight over what is the best thing to do for Simone, and Big Boy leaves because it is too much drama. I wonder if this is what Fifth Harmony’s recording sessions are like.

Recording, Round 2

Carlotta tries to talk to Simone about her past and what is haunting her. She tells her about her foster father, who sexually abused her, and explains that she gets high to try and forget about it. While Alex is eavesdropping on the conversation, Carlotta promises that he is never going to hurt her again. Star goes to see Jahil, and he tells her to ditch Alex and Simone if she wants to be successful. Star refuses, and he tells her they missed the deadline for the festival, but Star insists that there is still a way.

Jahil and Star bring the recording equipment to the hospital, and they record the song in the hospital bathroom. I’ve heard that Selena Gomez recorded one of her albums in a hotel room, but this seems extreme. However, it does give us a hospital-themed music video complete with hospital gown dresses and knee-high boots, so I’m going to let it go.

Back at Jahil’s house, one of the woman from the human trafficking van shows up at his door.

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