In the eleventh episode of No Tomorrow season 1, titled “No Woman No Cry,” Evie is torn as she tries to come to terms with her feelings for both Xavier and Timothy. As Evie weighs the possibilities of a future with both men, Xavier has to figure out if he wants to fight for Evie or bow out to avoid a messy love triangle. Meanwhile, Kareema and Sofia take a major step forward in their relationship, and Deirdre is having doubts about re-marrying her ex-husband.

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Xavier Makes a Huge Mistake

The episode opens with a deceptive scene of Evie and Timothy waking up in bed together and discussing their future. It turns out to be a flashback to their college days, and while they did kiss in the present day, they’re not back together. Though, neither are Evie and Xavier, as Evie explains to Xavier when he stops by her place to tell her that he’s ready to move forward with their relationship now that he’s dealt with his issues with his father. Evie decides to be honest with him, so she tells him about kissing Timothy. Evie also tells Xavier that she needs time to figure out what she wants.

When Xavier gets back to his trailer, he is surprised to find his cousin there. Jesse tells Xavier that he’s a free man now because he testified against the prison guard who let him escape, and he was granted immunity for his testimony. Xavier is thrilled that his cousin is there so he can talk to him about his problem with Evie. Xavier realizes that he doesn’t want to be part of a love triangle, so he decides to remove himself from the equation.

Evie is clearly upset that Xavier backed off, but she tries to focus on her possible future with Timothy. Timothy has been taking cooking classes as part of his new lifestyle, and Evie is impressed by his new skills in the kitchen. She’s also pleased that he’s taking the idea of living in the moment to heart because that puts them on the same page.

While Evie is growing closer to Timothy, Xavier is moping over how much he misses Evie. Jesse reminds Xavier that the reason he returned home after traveling around the world was because something was missing for him. He was unfulfilled until he met Evie. Xavier realizes that Jesse is right and he made a mistake in giving up on Evie. He decides to fight for the woman he loves.

Xavier Has a Change of Heart

Evie and Timothy end up going to the same restaurant where they had their first date. They talk about the history they have and how well they know each other. Xavier ends up interrupting their date, and since it’s at a piano bar, he and Timothy wind up in a “piano duel” for Evie’s affections. It’s ridiculous and childish, and Evie is not impressed. Once things cool down, she tells them that she’s decided to date them both and see how things go.

On their date, Xavier takes Evie flying since he recently got his pilot license. (Getting his license was apparently number one on Xavier’s “apocalyst.”) Their date is going well until they stop for a drink after the plane ride and Evie asks Xavier what would happen if the asteroid doesn’t hit. Xavier is so convinced of his apocalypse theory that he cannot picture a future for himself at all. Evie still hasn’t sorted out her feelings for Timothy, but she knows she cannot be with Xavier if he isn’t even willing to think about their future.

The next day, Timothy stops by to see Evie. He tells her that he still believes in a future for them, but right now, their lives just aren’t in sync. He thinks they should talk again in five months after the world doesn’t end and Evie has a chance to look at things differently. (I guess this means that Timothy and Evie are done for now, but the show is leaving open the possibility that they could reunite later on, though I doubt that will happen unless the show is miraculously granted a second season.)

After a conversation with Jesse, Xavier decides to let hope in and actually think about the possibility of a future beyond the next five months. He tells Evie about the future he once imagined for himself and then asks her what she wants for her future. She introduces him to her grandparents and tells him that she wants her future to look like that: spending a long, happy life with someone she loves.

The episode ends with Xavier telling Evie that he wants to find someone else to look at his research to either prove or disprove his theory. If the asteroid is coming, he wants to find a way to stop it so he can to spend a lifetime with Evie.

Evie Helps Her Grandfather

While Evie is figuring out her love life, she is also trying to help her grandparents deal with a problem. It turns out that her grandfather failed his recent driver’s test and he’s very upset about it. Evie offers to talk to the man who failed him and see if she can get him another shot at the test. Evie leaves more than a dozen message for the man, but that gets her nowhere. However, when she brings the man a batch of homemade cupcakes, he caves and agrees to give Evie’s grandfather another chance.

Alas, the second test proves that Evie’s grandfather is no longer a capable driver. Yet, with a favor from Xavier, Evie helps her grandfather reclaim his love of racing even though he can no longer drive.

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Deirdre Calls Off the Wedding

Hank is still upset about his break-up with Deirdre and her upcoming marriage to her ex-husband, Pete. Speaking of said wedding, Deirdre is stressing over planning it, so her ex offers to handle it for her. Only, instead of doing it himself, Pete hands off the wedding planning to Deirdre’s assistant. Hank sees this and decides to give Deirdre’s assistant some advice on what Deirdre would want. This leads to Hank basically planning the whole wedding.

Meanwhile, Deirdre is being indecisive for probably the first time in her entire life because she clearly doesn’t want to get re-married. Pete notices her hesitation, and it brings up his own doubts about the wedding. These doubts increase after Pete has a conversation with Xavier and starts thinking about his dream trip to Ireland.

When Deirdre arrives to get ready for the wedding, everything is perfect. Deirdre’s assistant lets it slip that Hank is the one who made all the arrangements, not Pete. This does not help with Deirdre’s doubts about the wedding.

Since both Pete and Deirdre are having cold feet about getting re-married, they decide to call off the wedding, much to Hank’s delight. The next day, Hank gives Deirdre a key to his bunker because she’s the person he wants by his side if the world comes to an end. (I don’t know if this means that Hank and Deirdre are officially back together, but they are clearly heading in that direction.)

Kareema Gets Hitched!

It is time for Kareema and Sofia to tie the knot, but Kareema doesn’t want to get married without her brother in attendance. Sofia understands, but she lets Kareema know that in order for her to stay in the country legally, they have a very limited window for the wedding.

Kareema tells Evie that her brother is still so upset about her relationship with Sofia that he won’t even talk to her. Kareema says things were much easier when they were kids. Back then, they’d just have a pillow fight until they were both worn out and then they’d talk about whatever issue cropped up between them. Evie suggests Kareema try doing the same thing now, and she does.

After what looks like an epic pillow fight, Kareema and her brother make amends. He gives her his blessing on her marriage but says he cannot be there for the wedding. He still needs time, but they part on good terms and that’s enough for Kareema to proceed with the wedding.

When Deirdre and Pete decide not to get married, Kareema and Sofia step in to not let the venue — and all of Hank’s careful planning — go to waste. The ceremony is short but sweet, and Kareema seems truly happy. (While I’m pleased to see Kareema so happy and in love, it’s hard to really invest in the Kareema/Sofia romance given how little we’ve actually seen of it. If the show somehow manages to get a second season, I hope we get to see more of both Sofia and her relationship with Kareema.)

What did you think of this episode of No Tomorrow season 1? Did you enjoy Kareema’s wedding? Do you wish Hank and Deirdre had tied the knot instead? What do you think of Timothy’s decision to walk away from Evie for the time being? Will someone actually confirm Xavier’s apocalypse theory before the season ends? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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