In the tenth episode of season 1 of No Tomorrow, titled “No Soup for You,” Evie confronts Xavier about his past and it prompts him to finally resolve his issues with his dad. Meanwhile, Evie reconnects with Timothy, Hank helps out a sick Deirdre, and Kareema is surprised by her reputation at work.

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Xavier Tries to Resolve His Issues with His Father

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off: Evie confronts Xavier about the lies he’s told her, including the fact that Xavier isn’t his real name. It turns out that Hamish Stegner Jr. has a rap sheet, and Evie wonders if Xavier is really a con man who has been playing her. Xavier says he changed his name because he needed a fresh start and his rap sheet is just youthful rebellion where he’s from. He doesn’t think there’s any need to dig up the past, but Evie insists that his past matters. She feels like she doesn’t know anything about him anymore. Xavier brushes off Evie’s concerns and Evie says she needs time to think.

Evie turns to Hank and Kareema for advice about the Xavier situation. Hank suggests that she tackle the problem using logic instead of her heart. When Xavier arrives at her place with another one of his big gestures, Evie shuts him down. She’s been thinking about things from a rational perspective, but she cannot get over the fact that he lied to her because he refuses to confront his past. She then breaks up with him because she cannot be with someone who refuses to be his whole self, complicated past and all.

After some reflection, Xavier decides to brave his fears and confront his father. He calls his dad and invites him to Seattle for a visit. When his dad arrives, Xavier greets him with a punch to the face. Things get even more awkward from there, as Xavier’s dad gets a call from his other family and Xavier realizes he brought them to Seattle. This brings up all of Xavier’s issues with his father leaving him to care for his dying mother while he was off starting a new family with his mistress. Xavier thinks his father has proven once again which family actually matters to him so he kicks his father out.

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Later, Xavier is approached by his father’s current love. She tells him that she met his father at a support group for people with terminally ill loved ones, and through their misery, they found each other. The woman insists that his father did love Xavier’s mother. In fact, she was his true love. She also tells Xavier that his father missed an important event to come visit with his son.

Xavier is shocked when he learns that his dad skipped a ceremony for an award he has been working toward his entire life. Xavier’s father says that spending time with Xavier is more important than any award. Xavier’s dad apologizes for not being there for Xavier when his mother was dying. He couldn’t handle watching his soulmate fade away like that. Xavier points out that this left him all alone during the hardest time in his life. Xavier’s father knows he was selfish for running away from what he was afraid of. Xavier can relate thanks to his own struggles with confronting his past.

After their heart-to-heart, Xavier agrees to give his father a chance to start repairing their relationship. To that end, he asks his father to help him spread his mother’s ashes.

Xavier packs his mother’s ashes into fireworks and his father helps him set them off. Xavier then agrees to call his father once a week to keep the lines of communication open. He hugs his father goodbye and the experience seems to have given him some much-needed closure. He then immediately calls Evie to discuss everything that happened with his dad, but Evie doesn’t answer because she is spending time with someone else.

Evie and Timothy Fall Back on Old Habits

While Xavier is dealing with his father, Evie has started hanging out with Timothy again. Hank brings Evie and Timothy back together when he invites Timothy to join them for a drink since they are all recently out of relationships and dealing with heartbreak. When Hank leaves to help Deirdre, Evie and Timothy talk about their past and end up reminiscing over a reality show they used to love. Evie wanted to compete on the show but there was a long wait-list and she never bothered signing up. Thanks to her new outlook on life, Evie decides to sign up now, even if it takes a while for her to actually make it onto the show.

Unbeknownst to Evie, Timothy has gained some local celebrity thanks to his recent speech which helps him to cut the wait-list. He surprises Evie by telling her that they are going to be contestants on their favorite local reality show. Timothy ends up as the winning contestant and Evie gets “souped” for being the loser. (“Souped” involves dumping a bucket of soup over someone’s head.) Despite losing, Evie has a blast on the reality show and gets to cross it off her list.

Later, Evie and Timothy get together to use the gift certificate he won on the show and they end up going back to Evie’s place. Things begin to heat up between the ex-lovers and Timothy wonders if he’s just her rebound from Xavier. Evie says he’s not her rebound and they are just living in the moment. As the episode ends, we see Evie and Timothy making out while her phone’s alert of Xavier’s message goes unnoticed.

Evie Saves the Cyber Hugs Program

Evie is also dealing with a problem at work. Since Fern abandoned them, the Cyber Hugs program is struggling, so Deirdre promises Corporate that Evie is already vetting a new charity. Someone from Corporate will stop by in a few days to check on Evie’s progress.

At first, Evie isn’t making any progress because she is letting her problems with Xavier affect her work. Eventually, she contacts a charity she worked for during college and they agree to participate in the Cyber Hugs program. Alas, Evie’s appearance on the reality show ends up costing her the new charity because it is a charity that provides food for the homeless and the man in charge is angry at Evie for wasting all that soup.

When the charity deal falls through, Evie comes up with her own idea for a charity. Evie tells the guy from Corporate that they can ask Cybermart’s customers to re-purpose delivery boxes for charitable donations that a Cybermart representative can take to a local donation center. The guy from Corporate is impressed with Evie’s idea because it will cost them next to nothing and it would be good P.R. for the company.

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Things Get Awkward for Hank and Deirdre

Despite their recent break-up, Deirdre calls Hank for help when she ends up getting sick. They have a fire inspector coming to the warehouse this week and Deirdre needs to be there because she’s the only one who knows how to deal with him. Since Hank has never taken a sick day, Deirdre wants to know his secret. Hank tells her that his family uses a special concoction they refer to as “Vitamin B-13” and he offers make it for her.

Alas, Deirdre is allergic to one of the ingredients in “Vitamin B-13” so Hank’s “cure” makes her feel even worse. Hank then offers to deal with the inspector for her, and Deirdre agrees, but only because she intends to pull a Cyrano and feed Hank the answers during the inspection. Yet, since Hank is still deeply affected by Deirdre’s voice, he cannot focus with her voice in his ear and decides to wing things during the inspection instead.

This does not work out well, and Hank keeps racking up fines. Yet he and the inspector end up bonding over a personal issue. Their new-found friendship is so important to the inspector that he decides to wave the fines as long as Hank brushes up on the fire code.

Hank’s ingenuity in bonding with the inspector impresses Deirdre, but she apologizes for putting Hank in that position. She then tells him that she overheard him discussing a magic act with the inspector and she admits to dating David Copperfield. They begin to connect over their love for magic, but Hank cuts their conversation short. Deidre is engaged now and it’s not fair to any of them to continue their flirtation. Hank leaves and Deidre is clearly upset.

Kareema Creates a Problem at Work

Kareema is enjoying being engaged to Sofia, despite the problems it has caused with her brother. Unfortunately, she freaks out when she reads over Sofia’s immigration paperwork and realizes that the INS is going to look into her work history. Since Kareema barely puts in any effort at work, she is sure that has reflected in her evaluations. Sofia suggests that she take the week to turn things around and get some good customer reviews. Kareema reluctantly does just that, acting overly nice and helpful to everyone she interacts with. She hates every second of it and it is hilarious.

Alas, Kareema learns that her change in attitude is actually reflecting poorly on her job performance. Apparently, she was the top customer service representative because she kept calls as short as possible and was strict on returns. Kareema now has to work to restore her old reputation before the INS looks into things.

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