In the 12th episode of No Tomorrow season 1, titled “No Time Like the Present,” Evie struggles to find a way to keep her friends together after she learns that the Seattle branch of Cybermart will be closing. Meanwhile, Xavier tries to get someone to help him with his plan to stop the asteroid, and Timothy learns something surprising about Xavier’s apocalypse theory.

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Xavier Gets the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Now that Xavier is thinking about the future, he has become obsessed with finding a way to prevent the apocalypse. Since all of his research suggests that the asteroid will definitely hit Earth, he decides to find a way to destroy the asteroid before it can destroy the world. Xavier comes up with a plan that will divert the asteroid from its current path toward Earth, but he only has 11 days to make it happen. His plan will also cost more than $1 billion. Xavier decides to hit up Cory Casey, Cybermart’s eccentric billionaire CEO, for the funds.

Xavier poses as Cory Casey’s driver for the week so he can get close to the man and win his trust. Xavier eventually figures out that Cory Casey is still in love with his ex-girlfriend, so he tracks the woman down. Xavier sets up a meeting between the two, and it goes well. This puts Cory Casey in a very good mood, so Xavier takes the opportunity to tell the man about his apocalypse theory.

Since Cory Casey made his fortunate from his own crazy ideas, he decides to put Xavier in contact with a friend of his. Apparently, he was supposed to meet the head of NASA for dinner the next day, but he decides to let Xavier go in his place. Xavier will have the chance to present his theory to someone who can not only confirm it but also do something about it.

Evie Fights to Keep the Gang Together

Evie and her friends get an unpleasant surprise when they find out that their branch of Cybermart will be closing and they are all being reassigned to new branches. While Evie is staying local, everyone else is being reassigned far away. Hank and Deirdre are particularly upset about this, given their recent romantic reunion.

Evie is determined to keep their little group together, so she decides that they need to create job openings for everyone at the Tacoma branch. In order to do that, they have to find everyone’s Tacoma counterpart and convince them to quit in order to pursue their passions. Evie takes Hank, Deirdre and Kareema to the Tacoma branch so they can “shadow” their counterparts.

Evie and Hank question Hank’s Tacoma counterpart and find out that his passion is candle-making. Unfortunately, his candles smell terrible, so he has never been able to sell them. However, Evie and her friends realize that his candles smell so awful that they actually put them off their food, so they decide to market them as diet candles. Hank’s counterpart ends up with enough pre-orders that he decides to quit Cybermart and go into the diet candle business full-time.

They get Deirdre’s counterpart to quit by getting her a job as a cruise ship activities director because her passion is organizing things for other people. Alas, they hit a wall when it comes to the woman who currently holds Kareema’s position.

It turns out that Kareem’s counterpart is in love with her boss, so she has no intention of leaving Cybermart anytime soon. Even though Kareema doesn’t secure a job at the Tacoma branch, she helps her counterpart get a date with her boss.

After a talk with Timothy, Evie decides she needs to be bold, so she quits her job at Cybermart. Since Evie’s position is now open, Kareema can take her spot at the Tacoma branch and their group can remain together. Kareema is so touched by Evie’s gesture that she actually cries but then threatens to hurt them all if they tell anyone about her show of emotion. It is adorable.

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Xavier Has a Choice to Make

Evie goes to see Xavier after quitting her job. She never canceled their tickets to Iceland, so they can still make their trip if they leave right away. Xavier tells Evie about his meeting with the head of NASA and explains that he cannot go on the trip with her. Evie then tells Xavier that Professor Fields disproved his theory, so he doesn’t need to go to that meeting.

Xavier has a hard time believing that his theory was wrong, so he wants to take some time to look through Professor Fields’ findings. Evie tells Xavier that he needs to decide which is more important to him: his obsession with his apocalypse theory or their relationship. Evie is going to Iceland with or without him, but she hopes he decides to come.

After reading over Professor Fields’ work, Xavier comes around to the idea that he was wrong and the world isn’t actually ending. He is thrilled because this means he can have a future with Evie. Xavier asks his cousin to drive him to the airport so he can meet Evie. Alas, Jesse still believes in Xavier’s theory, so he drugs Xavier and starts driving him to his NASA meeting instead of taking him to the airport. Poor Evie is waiting on the plane for Xavier, but he never shows.

Is Xavier’s Theory Real?

While Xavier is working to get funding to stop the asteroid, Timothy gets unexpected news at work. It turns out that his magazine has a new editor, and she wants to run the hit piece Timothy wrote on Xavier. However, in order to run the piece, they need to find an expert to debunk Xavier’s theory. The editor apparently has an in with Professor Fields, so Timothy gets in contact with her about Xavier’s research.

When Professor Fields gets back to Timothy, her math has proven that Xavier’s theory is wrong. Timothy goes to see Evie to tell her about the magazine’s hit piece and show her Professor Fields’ work. Alas, when Timothy returns home that night, he finds Professor Fields and two government goons waiting for him. It turns out that she falsified her findings so the story wouldn’t get any traction at the magazine.

Professor Fields then confirms that Xavier’s math is accurate and there is actually a credible threat of the asteroid impacting Earth. The episode ends with Professor Fields asking to speak to the person who created the theory because “the fate of the world may depend on it.” We then see a shot of the asteroid heading towards Earth!

What did you think of this episode of No Tomorrow season 1? Was Evie right to quit her job? Are you happy that Hank and Deirdre are back together? What do you think of Timothy’s new romance with his new editor? Were you surprised that Professor Fields originally lied about Xavier’s theory? How do you think the season finale will play out? Will Xavier stop the apocalypse? Will his theory be proven wrong after all? Will the show leave us with a cliffhanger? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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