In Star’s timeslot premiere, “The Devil You Know,” the girls are torn apart when Simone’s parents show up and try to get her to leave Atlanta. While they work through their issues, Jahil and Carlotta fight about him managing the band, but he ignores her concerns and tries to find enough money to produce a demo.

To Enter The Contest, Or Not To Enter The Contest

After their gig at the party, Jahil wants Star, Alexandria and Simone to enter a radio contest to headline at a music festival. Alex and Simone have reservations about the contest. Alex is not convinced that Jahil is the right choice to be their manager and does not think he can come up with the money for the demo. Simone is worried about entering the contest because she doesn’t want to be found after what happened with their stepfather.

Alex goes to spend more time with Derek. The two hook up and bond over both losing parents at a young age … until they are interrupted by his grandma.

Meanwhile, when Carlotta finds out about the contest, she goes to Jahil’s house and punches him. She’s not crazy about Jahil managing the three girls because of some issue in the past. (It’s somewhat vague). They both threaten each other that they will tell the girls the “past things” including how Jahil got Simone and Star’s mother, Mary, hooked on drugs. 

At the hair salon, Alex has a flashback of her parents telling her to stop dancing when the song “Groove Is In The Heart” comes on the radio. After she has a daydream about the salon breaking out in dance (a super fun musical number, by the way) her parents walk in and blow her cover in front of Star and Simone.

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Big Little Lies

Star is furious when she finds out that Alex lied about being rich, her mother’s death and having a dad in the music business. Her parents (played by Lenny Kravitz and Naomi Campbell …. talk about a power duo) demand that Alex leave Atlanta to go back to New York with them. Derek shows up to the salon and finds out about her lies too. Within a matter of seconds, Alex is called “a fake ass bitch” and a “liar” by two different people, so it’s safe to say she’s having a bad day and might want to catch the next flight out of Georgia.

Later that day, Alex’s father calls her and begs her to come home to help him take care of her drunk mother. Star overhears the conversation, and goes to Jahil because she thinks Alex will leave and start her own music career. Alex’s mom also tries to convince her to leave and says she is trying to stop drinking. She explains, “Atlanta is not a good look, darling. I’ve seen that “housewives” show. It’s trash.” I’m slightly insulted on behalf of the Atlanta Housewives, but the line was delivered perfectly.

Daddy Issues

Star goes to Alex’s dad, music producer Roland Crane, and asks him to produce their demo. She says the two should talk somewhere more privately because he is starting to get noticed, and they go to his hotel room. Alex’s mom walks into the room and finds Star in the bathtub, and is not happy, assuming that they slept together. 

Carlotta is still struggling with what to tell Star and the girls about her former band, but Tyrese (who is definitely more than just her pastor) encourages her to be honest about her past. After Alex finds out that Star went to her dad, she decides to leave Atlanta.

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I Want You To Stay

After a conversation with Carlotta, Alex goes to her parents and says that she is not going back with them. Derek shows up at the restaurant and asks her not to leave. Alex signs up the girls for the contest, so she and Star make up. 

Simone continues to have nightmares about her stepfather and takes pills (washed down by whiskey) to try and forget. While attending church with Carlotta, she passes out. Meanwhile, Jahil, still on the hunt to find enough money to produce the girls’ demo, goes to Maggie for a loan and a promise to complete more jobs for her.

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