Power is up for grabs and it’s time for a new HoH to be crowned on Big Brother 19. We’re starting off strong with our first live endurance competition on the live feeds, and following a split vote with a lot of drama, winning HoH is crucial for a lot of HGs.

Thursday night saw Jillian get evicted, with Jessica, Jason, Alex and Ramses as the only votes to save her. There were immediate fireworks, with Cody confronting Mark and Jessica yelling at Christmas. Then the next HoH competition began.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

The competition requires HGs to sift through a bunch of candies to find tickets. They can redeem three tickets at a time to get balls. They must roll a ball down a lane into a heart and the first one to get it wins. It’s similar to a competition Paul won last season and it’s identical to a competition Kryssie won from Big Brother: Over the Top, which Paul hosted and watched.

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Here’s my live blog of the week 2 HoH competition. As always, all times are Big Brother 19 local time, aka PT.

7:22pm: The feeds finally returned! The HGs are all scrambling through the candies to find tickets.

7:25pm: Paul and Alex redeem their tickets, but both miss.

7:26pm: Mark is up next and misses. Then Jessica misses.

7:27pm: Jason is next and does well, but misses. Paul goes again and misses.

7:28pm: Matt misses.

7:29pm: Paul is going for a third time. He misses, but obviously others are feeding him tickets.

 7:30pm: Kevin is up and gets very close to the hole.

7:31pm: Josh misses. Then Paul goes yet again. Jessica is next and fails.

7:33pm: Ramses is finally up and misses. Matt is next and misses.

7:34pm: Paul is at it AGAIN! He misses and Dominique follows.

7:35pm: Alex goes and misses, so does Jason.

7:36pm: Ramses misses and then Jessica misses. Elena, Raven, Mark and Christmas seem to be just collecting tickets for their team, mostly Paul.

7:37pm: Paul goes and is very close.

7:38pm: Matt and Josh both miss.

7:39pm: Paul seems to be standing in line and letting his teammates bring him extra tickets. He goes again and gets his ball in.,

Paul is the new HoH!

Seeing as how he has experience rolling balls on this show and had a bunch of people giving him tickets, this is hardly a surprise. Cody and Jessica know they’re in serious trouble while all of the people who’ve been kissing Paul’s butt for the past week are thrilled. It’s very obvious that the Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, Dominique, Christmas group are excited.

Paul has been talking a lot about some brilliant master plan he has this week, so now we’ll get to see it. I have to assume that backdooring Cody is a strong possibility. After the competition, the feeds went down by we could hear production telling the HGs not to get into a physical fight and not to be nose-to-nose, strongly suggesting Cody and Paul.

As for Cody and Jessica, they know that one of them is going home and, true to form, Cody has no regrets. However, Paul revealed to his allies that his current plan is to put Matt and Raven on the block as pawns, then backdoor Cody.

In addition, the other big bit of news in the aftermath is that Kevin is claiming that he voted to evict Christmas and blaming Ramses for flipping, and people seem to believe him and they’re calling Ramses a rat.


In the history of the show, the week 2 HoH has never won the game. In fact, the second HoH has never even reached the Final 3. The only week 2 HoH to make it to the Final 4 was Jordan Lloyd in season 13, where she was evicted in fourth place.

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