We’re only two short weeks away from the finale of So You Think You Can Dance. We’re down to only eight talented dancers, and the competition has gotten fiercer than we ever thought possible.

Tonight, the dancers swap partners once more. Each pair dances two routines each and everyone dances another solo, all in the attempts of winning America’s hearts.

Read on to see who I put at the top of the rankings this week.

1. Katee Shean and Twitch Boss – Broadway

Katee and Twitch are two of the most talented dancers of the bunch and this Broadway routine was just great. This Broadway routine to “Sweet Georgia Brown” was incredibly fast and difficult, but they knocked it out of the park.

2. Katee Shean and Twitch Boss – Contemporary

I’m not at all surprised that Katee and Twitch had two of my favorite dances of the night. This Mia Michaels routine was very different than what we’ve been used to seeing from her. This time, Katee played a psychotic ex-girlfriend and really embraced her character. Twitch was also amazing.

3. Comfort Fedoke and Mark Kanemura – Hip hop

I feel bad for Comfort. She really seems to be hanging on by a thread in this season of So You Think You Can Dance. But she has such a winsome personality that I like it when she succeeds. Their Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop tonight was hard-hitting, and Comfort was really in her element. Also impressive was the way Mark was able to keep up with her.

4. Courtney Galiano and William Wingfield – Hip hop

Courtney might be my favorite female dancer this season. I love how her New York accent surfaces now and then in her rehearsal film. She and Will performed a slow, or lyrical hip hop, which was just beautiful to behold. As all D’Umo choreographed routines, this one told a beautiful story, and I loved every minute of it.

5. Chelsie Hightower and Joshua Allen – Argentine tango

Chelsie and Josh’s tango is number five on my list tonight, but not because they did anything wrong. It’s just a testament to how strong this cast is. This Argentine tango, choreographed by season 2 alumnus Dmitry Chaplin, was delightfully entertaining. The footwork was flirty and sharp, and the chemistry between Chelsie and Josh was intense.

6. Courtney Galiano and William Wingfield – Samba

Courtney and Will brought us a very entertaining samba. I was impressed with how Will was able to loosen his hips and just get down and dirty. Courtney was also lovely to watch.

7. Chelsie Hightower and Joshua Allen – Disco

It breaks my heart that Chelsie and Josh’s disco is so low on the list because I thought they did so well. It was an incredibly difficult performance with the craziest lifts I’ve ever seen. It’s insane how stiff the competition i this season.

8. Comfort Fedoke and Mark Kanemura – Foxtrot

This foxtrot was the only routine tonight that I was overwhelmingly pleased with. Comfort is still very stiff and uncomfortable with anything other than hip hop, and Mark looked like he was thinking too hard. The pair didn’t flow as well as they should have.


1. Joshua Allen
2. Courtney Galiano
3. William Wingfield
4. Comfort Fedoke
5. Chelsie Hightower
6. Katee Shean
7. Twitch Boss
8. Mark Kanemura

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)

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