Steven and Dan, the outcasts from the group in the early going on Big Brother 10, have found themselves up on the block.  Jessie, the body builder who insists that he is not all muscles, nominated those two, mostly because everyone else wanted him to.  Tonight’s all important Power of Veto would be a savior to either man on the block, but I’m not sure it’d matter either way.  One of them will be evicted, and Jessie’s crew seem to be content with the departure of either.  There is a faction within the Big Brother house that has ganged up on their non-alliance members, and this hasn’t made things very fun.  I’ll be here throughout the episode giving my thoughts as the action moves along.

I can’t believe how silly Jessie is.  “Oh, Steven, you disrespected me.”   Shut up.  Libra thinks that Steven should go home, and that the house is thinking the same thing. 

Jessie’s confessionals are so friggin arrogant.  Jessie, in the HoH room with Dan, tells him that he’ll be fine, and that Steven is gone.  Jessie says that he does respect Dan, especially because of how he stood by Brian until the end. 

Steven is sad, and Angie tries to comfort him a bit.  Angie is well aware that she has to distance herself from Brian’s wake.  I’m rooting for her. 

Seeds of a showmance.  Michelle and Jessie.  Michelle wanted (wanted!) to have a showmance.  That’s a little weird, right?

Memphis talks about how there are 8 people running the house, which is a bit frustrating.  Memphis is smart, buddying up to Jessie, and he brings Angie into it.  Jessie is receptive.  All three talk it out in the backyard. 

Renny talks about Katrina with Steven.  Steven likes Renny more now. 

Keesha tells Steven that she wants Steven to stay.  If she wins, she says she’ll use it on Steven.  Keesha is kinda cool. 

It’s Veto Player Picking Time!  Jessie, Steven, Dan, Michelle, Libra (Dan’s choice), and Keesha.  Jessie chooses Jerry to host.  April and Michelle hate Keesha.  Weird, I hate Michelle and April. 

Let’s drop some Veto! 

Everyone’s drivers’ license photo is blown up in the backyard.  It’s the Big Brother DMV.  The object: decipher a series of license plates to make Big Brother words (example: Diary Room).  If they think they know the answer, they buzz in.  If you get the answer wrong, you are eliminated from the challenge.  Each word is worth a certain amount of points.  Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. 

Both Jessie and Dan are elimnated on the first puzzle.  Keesha gets the points.  Steven is eliminated on the next puzzle.  Michelle gets the points, tying her with Keesha.  The next question is for a slop pass, but if you win it, you’re eliminated from the competition.  Libra, for some ungodly reason, waits it out, as do Keesha and Michelle. 

Libra gets the next one wrong, and is eliminated.  Keesha also gets it wrong, which means Michelle wins by default. 

After the PoV, Jessie is upset that Keesha tried to win the PoV.  This pisses me off – you should never be mad at someone for trying to win.  Steven now is trying to help Keesha save herself.  She doesn’t particularly seem to care what everyone else thinks.  Not a good strategy, but it makes me respect her.  Keesha calls Libra “bitch” in front of Renny.

Keesha confronts some people in the house about people talking behind her back.  She says that she was up there trying to win to prove herself and that she wasn’t going to change the nominees even if she won.  Keesha then gets Memphis and Jessie’s ear, telling them that she’s trying to undermine Keesha.  Jessie and Memphis seem to be on Keesha’s side.  Memphis brings up the possibility of backdooring Libra this week.  That would be awesome.

Keesha is really trying to get Libra out of here, and now she has Jerry and Renny on her side.  Jerry really hates Libra now.  Jerry confronts Libra about complaining about him being old and hurting their chances in the food competition, and Libra blows a gasket.  She goes crazy. This is fun.

Steven then talks to Michelle about taking either him or Dan off the block so Libra can go up.  She’s mildly receptive. 

Michelle thinks it over and decides not to use the Power of Veto.  That, my friends, is weak sauce. 

Dan and Steven remain on the block.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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