Big Brother 10 has gotten off to a confounding start.  The action inside the house has been predictable and not a whole lot of fun, and yet I find myself enjoying the proceedings much more so than last season.  The houseguests are interesting, I guess, even though there’s no one I’m fully rooting for just yet.  There are a bundle of Big Brother 10 houseguests who aren’t wholly likable, but aren’t necessarily unlikable either.  The lines are blurred, and it’s making for good television.  The fights are definitely entertaining.  Tonight’s episode was full of conflict, but ultimately disappointing. 

Laying the Conflict Base

Steven was nominated, so says Jessie, because he disrespected him by not going up and seeing his Head of Household room.  We can all agree that this is a load of crap.   The early plan by the Power 8 is to evict Steven.  Everyone is on board with this, including Dan, except  maybe for Keesha.  She really likes Steven, and causes some conflict when she tells this to April, Libra and Michelle.  Meanwhile, a new alliance is forming.  Jessie, Michelle, Memphis and Angie.  Angie is brought in by Memphis, who thinks that Angie is a quality player.  Michelle and Jessie are growing close, and we may see a showmance from them; I would not have predicted this. 

No One Likes the DMV 

Steven, Dan, Michelle, Libra, Jessie, and Keesha competed in tonight’s PoV challenge.  Jerry was the host.  It was called “Big Brother DMV.”  A wall of license plates are revealed containing partial, phonetically spelled words, and the players had to name the states in the order in which they spell different Big Brother buzz words.  The catch – if you buzz in and are wrong, you are eliminated.  In three questions, everyone but Michelle gave a wrong answer, giving her the victory by default. 

It’s All About Libra

Steven gets a ray of hope in the form of Libra.  The situation snowballs remarkably.  First, Keesha tells the house that they should not talk behind her back about why she stayed in the veto competition – she stayed so she could try and prove herself.  As a result, Keesha starts talking smack about Libra, who no one seems to like.  Keesha complains about Libra to Renny, who in turn tells Jerry that Libra whined about evening the food teams up next time, because she was on the team with the two old people (Renny and Jerry).  Jerry then confronts Libra about this, and this ends in a huge shouting match.  Steven gets wind of this, and proposes to Jessie that they backdoor Libra.  Michelle is brought in, and is receptive of the idea – Steven wouldn’t even mind if she took Dan off instead of him. 

No Dice

Michelle thinks it over and decides to take the political, safe route.  She doesn’t use the Power of Veto.  Dan and Steven remain on the block.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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