When you’ve got fans as passionate as the ones for So You Think You Can Dance, it’s easy to get into heated debates.  On message boards all across the internet, and right here at BuddyTV, they’ll debate about which dancers are better, what makes them pick up the phone to vote, and of course, who should win.  Ask any true fan of the show about their favorite routines of all time and they can rattle them off without wasting a moment.  This week, we take a look at some of season 3’s best dancers and put them head to head again season 4’s Top 8 dancers.  Read on, see what you think, and post your thoughts on which season had the better dancers!

Comfort vs. Sara

Some of these head to head matchups are easy to call right away and our first one is no exception.  Comfort is certainly a more legitimate hip hop dancer while Sara often came across, to me, as a bit of a power.  However, Comfort has struggled more than she has shined which was not the case for Sara last season.  Sara was more technically trained than she let on but it showed during her routines with her partners.


Mark vs. Neil

If Mark wasn’t such a unique dancer and dynamic performer, this would be more of a clear cut case.  However, Neil was not only the heartthrob of his season, he also shined almost every time he took the stage.  He made final four and is arguably the most successful dancer from his season.


Courtney vs. Jaimie

I liked Courtney from the minute I saw her in the preliminary audition round.  Jaimie, I had to warm up to.  I’m biased because I met her on the door and absolutely loved her while I have yet to speak with Courtney.  However, this matchup isn’t about my personal experiences with them so we’ll just stick to their performances and personality during their time on the show.


Chelsie vs. Lacey

There is definitely a clear cut winner in this round.  I think that Chelsie has performed fairly well this season but Lacey was a standout last year.  Both are ballroom champs but Lacey lit the stage on fire, excelling in almost every genre she tried.  She had such chemistry with her partner, Kameron, early on, that fans thought they were having a showmance.  Oh yeah, she’s a Schwimmer, too!  We only expect the best from them.


Twitch vs. Hok

Here’s a tough one.  Both stood next to each other last year in Vegas, but Hok was the one who was put through to the show while Twitch had to wait an entire year for his chance.  Hok definitely went before his time last season but not before leaving us with one of the most memorable routines of all time – the hummingbird piece.  However, Twitch has mostly performed above and beyond all expectations and is a very strong contender to make the final four.


Josh vs. Dominic

You can’t help but love Josh and Dominic.  One’s specialty was more hip hop and the other’s was breaking.  After Vegas in each of their seasons, fans didn’t expect them to go as far as they did but they impressed right out the gate.  If we’re basing this on paired dancers, Josh would win.  If we’re basing this on solos, I’d have to give it to Dominic.  This one’s too close to call.


Katee vs. Sabra

Katee and Sabra are both technically strong and also delivered in the personality department.  Sabra, though, always tried a little too hard to be funny.  She said on several occasions that she would have loved to have become a stand up comedian and sometimes, I’d rather have seen her just be herself in the rehearsal videos.


Will vs. Danny

Ooh, it’s tough to call because I truly love the way that both of them dance. Clearly, they were the best technicians in their respective seasons. Both struggled in the personality department at one point or another. In the end, I think Will brings more warmth and ultimately, becomes someone that want to root for more.


– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV