Chloe (Allison Mack) met a real man on last night’s episode of Smallville in the form of paramedic Davis Bloom (Sam Witwer). There was an obvious connection between the two right away as Chloe marveled at the handsome man rescuing the victims of a bus bombing. After the smoke cleared, however, Chloe realized something: she’s engaged to someone else.

It was only a matter of time before this happened. TV engagements always lead directly to a third party entering the picture and casting second thoughts. What makes Smallville different is that usually the fans will automatically root for the engaged couple to stay together. That is not the case with Jimmy and Chloe.

Don’t get me wrong, Jimmy is perfectly adorable, and Aaron Ashmore is a charming actor. Before now, he seemed like a great guy for Chloe. Now I see that was simply because there wasn’t an alternative. Lana had Clark and Lois had Oliver and there weren’t very many other available men on Smallville. When Davis walked on screen, that all changed, and suddenly this handsome, life-saving man proved that Jimmy isn’t necessarily the best possible option.

We’ve yet to see Jimmy and Davis side-by-side, but I image when that episode comes, the choice will be clear. Davis Bloom looks like a real man, someone who will bring home the bacon and teach your son how to throw a football. Cute as Jimmy Olsen may be, he’s not those things. He’s the geeky but sweet, kind of cute boy who admires you from afar.

The decision Chloe has is a simple one between a man and a boy. Of course some people might argue that Davis makes a bad romantic partner because he’s living a double life as the evil, Clark Kent-killing Doomsday. To that, I quote the immortal final words of Some Like It Hot: “Nobody’s perfect.”

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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