You can surely bet that Betty’s back as the third season of Ugly Betty airs tonight on ABC.  After two successful seasons, the cast of the series returns with the episode “The Manhattan Project.”  This time, we’ll be finding out just who Betty chooses: Henry, Gio or something else?  Decisions will have to be made, and changes will affect almost everyone.

The answer to the question of which direction Betty (America Ferrera) will take her life finally becomes clear when she decides to head somewhere to think things over.  During the last season’s finale, Henry (Christopher Gorham) proposed to Betty while Gio (Freddy Rodriguez) asked her to go on a romantic trip to Rome with him.  Betty’s perplexity only leads her to go on a vacation of her own. 

Meanwhile, Alexis (Rebecca Romjin) and Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) decide that the best way to promote the new issue of MODE is to go on TV.  They appear on Live with Regis and Kelly, taking steps to ensure that the magazine is still on top.  However, things aren’t going as smoothly as they hope as Daniel (Eric Mabius) is forced to make changes of his own, all thanks to the manipulations of Wilhelmina. 

A return that may or may not surprise fans is that of Lindsay Lohan’s, who will be playing Kimmie once again this season.  She works with Ignacio (Tony Plana) in his new job at a fast-food restaurant. 

It seems as though the new season of Ugly Betty is off to a good start, with the show now being shot entirely in New York City.  Fans have yet to see how the location change will affect the third season, which brings back the same exciting storyline and classic comic characters.  But then, there’s a new man in Betty’s life as well.  Actor and musician Val Emmich appears on the series as Jesse, a new recurring regular on Ugly Betty.

Below is a preview of “The Manhattan Project,” which airs tonight at 8pm on ABC.  Ugly Betty‘s next episode, “Filing for the Enemy,” will be premiering next week at the same time.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: ABC, MSN
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