In the new HBO vampire series True Blood, Anna Paquin plays Sookie Stackhouse, a bar waitress with the interesting ability to hear whatever it is that people are saying – in their heads.  The Academy Award-winning actress says drinking blood – or what looks like blood – is quite the experience.

“There’s congealing blood, eye blood, dark blood, drinking blood.  There’s a hundred kinds of blood,” she said.  “The drinking blood is very corn syrupy.  They asked if I wanted sugar-free blood, and I said, Sure.  But at six in the morning when it is freezing cold, you are covered in goo, and you are sucking on a prosthetic arm, you think,  Maybe I should have said yes to the watermelon-flavored blood.”

True Blood, which was recently picked up for a second season despite the lukewarm ratings, is directed by Six Feet Under creator Adam Ball and looks into a fictional small Louisiana town in a time when vampires, “in the coffin” for many centuries, have started to come out and even seek for equal rights.  This is after synthetic blood has been made commercially available to satisfy a vampire’s nutritional needs.

As for Paquin, 26, she said she read the script and jumped at the role immediately.  She admitted, though, that Ball was initially skeptical to cast the bombshell as a potentially dark character.  Regardless, Paquin has nothing but good words for Ball, who also wrote American Beauty.

“Everyone just loves to be around him.  He is so brilliant and funny.  I’ve been a gypsy for half my life.  I like the normalcy of having a job that is more consistent than being on a different film every three months… I’m 26.  I’m allowed to have my primary relationship be with my job.  It’s a time to be as committed to something as I want to be.”

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Black Book
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Glenn Diaz

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