Tonight the employees of Dunder-Mifflin return to work as The Office begins season 5 with a one-hour episode at 9pm on NBC. Last year left plenty of balls up in the air, from the exit of Toby to the fate of Jim and Pam to Angela’s engagement to Andy and subsequent hook-up with Dwight.

Last week at the NBC Fall Premiere Party, BuddyTV spoke to several stars from the hit NBC series. Next week we’ll have more video interviews with some of the great supporting players, but today we bring you our exclusive video interviews with female stars Jenna Fischer and Melora Hardin.

Michael Scott often makes fun of Pam’s rather dowdy appearance, and after seeing Fischer in person, I see why. Compared to Jenna Fischer, Pam Beesly is a troll. This is not to disparage Pam, but to mention how incredibly gorgeous Fischer is in person. At first, I didn’t even recognize her.

Fischer talked about the future for Jim and Pam now that Jim missed his window to propose before Pam went off to art school for the summer. Is the time for an engagement permanently over, or can Jim recapture the perfect moment? Only time will tell.

As for Jan, Hardin tells us Jan will be very pregnant in the season opener, but she won’t be giving birth until a little later this year. Will motherhood mellow Jan out? Hardin isn’t sure Jan even needs to be mellowed because she doesn’t think Jan is as crazy as some viewers might believe.

Hardin is also more than happy with her new role outside the office, because it gives her character a unique perspective, though she does enjoy the opportunity to go back and spend time with the rest of the hilarious cast.

The Office
season 5 premiere, titled “Weight Loss,” airs tonight at 9pm on NBC. Check back next week for our exclusive video interviews with Creed Bratton, Kate Flannery, Leslie David Baker, Phyllis Smith and Oscar Nunez.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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