One of my favorite parts of last week’s third Supernatural season opener was when Dean (Jensen Ackles) first goes to see Bobby (Jim Beaver) after being pulled out of Hell. It was emotional on so many levels. Dean, I’m sure, didn’t quite know what to make of his return to earth, and Bobby, well, couldn’t you just see how torn up he was when Dean arrived at his front door? He so desperately wanted to believe that Dean was back, but he was wary and on his guard in case it was really a demon who had taken over Dean’s meat suit. What a perfect performance on both their parts!

I always love the episodes that include Bobby. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside to know that Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean have a father figure whom they can turn to whenever they need help. Bobby is like the boys’ Giles, except that he wears flannel instead of tweed. Here’s a tiny clue about tonight’s all-new episode: Bobby is at his Giles-iest, poring through and translating ancient texts to figure out how to stop an attack of vengeful supernatural beings.

When BuddyTV went up to visit the Supernatural boys, we were lucky that Jim Beaver was on set that day too. He was kind enough to answer our questions. He talked about what it’s like to work on such a great show like Supernatural and told us about some of the funny antics that go on behind the scenes.

Although Jim does not appear in every episode of Supernatural, he does keep himself very busy. He has just written a book about a very difficult time in his life, and he also confirmed that he’ll be a series regular on Harper’s Island, an upcoming midseason mystery drama on CBS. Don’t worry, though! The new show will not affect his role on Supernatural. As Jim himself said in his earlier interview, Supernatural fans would not hesitate to tar and feather Eric Kripke if he ever decided to kill off Bobby, so Bobby is here to stay.

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