Myammee, also known as Angela Pitts in real life, was considered a visible stand-out in a pool of girls craving Flavor Flav’s attention on the third season of Flavor of Love.  But now that the VH1 reality dating series has come to a close, Myammee is upping her exposure by adding some flavor to the nationally syndicated court show Judge Karen.

“Myammee’s dynamic personality combined with Judge Karen’s electric presence makes for an explosively entertaining episode of Judge Karen,” executive producer Rich Goldman said.  “Reality TV fans will definitely want to tune in to see Myammee’s in-your-face attitude come head-to-head with Judge Karen’s no-nonsense style.”

As with shows like The People’s Court and Judge Judy, Judge Karen, which is produced by Sony Pictures Television, features a real-life judge in the form of twice elected Miami-Dade County Court judge Karen Mills-Francis who presides over small claims court cases. To make a distinction from other shows in the crowded field, Judge Karen permits litigants to cross-examine witnesses, and there is a segment at the end in which she answers videotaped questions from viewers.

On tomorrow’s episode of Judge Karen, Myammee will appear before Judge Karen in attempt to bring light to her lawsuit against a party promoter.  Myammee claims he owes her for an appearance at a club in Atlanta and holds him responsible for the “lame party.”  On the other hand, the party promoter is withholding her payment because she allegedly did not fulfill her duties as a hostess.

“I just competed in Flavor of Love season 3 and my name is Myammee on the show.  So usually after each season girls get to go to the clubs, they get paid to come to the club, look cute, take pictures, flirt, wink eyes… that’s all what I’m supposed to do,” the former Flavor of Love contestant told Judge Karen, who was astonished when she learned that Myammee gets paid up to $5,000 for being a hostess for an hour.

Expect sparks to fly as Judge Karen gets to the bottom of what really happened on tomorrow’s episode of Judge Karen.  Check your local listings for air time.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Sonny Pictures Television
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Kris De Leon

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