Previously on Smallville: Lana was put into a coma by Brainiac, and as soon as she recovered, she fled the country so Clark could do his work without her as a distraction. Tess Mercer learned Lex was using her as a camera, so she vowed to destroy him and his business.

Smallville: Episode 8.13 "Power" Recap

At LuthorCopr, a mad scientist tests an experimental procedure on a human that will hopefully save Lex’s life. The scientist orders a “transdermal evisceration” and a body in a water tank is set on fire. The body isn’t Lex’s, however, it’s Lana (Kristin Kreuk)!

Chloe (Allison Mack) visits Clark, who is so depressed he’s rewatching Lana’s break-up tape. He’s trying to remind himself why Lana leaving is a good thing, even though he still wants to be with her. Dude, you’re the Man of Steel, stop boo-hooing over some chick.

Clark (Tom Welling) heads off to visit Lana, but her apartment is destroyed and Tess (Cassidy Freeman) is there, expressing concern that Lana was taken because she was snooping into Lex’s life. Tess lets it slip that this isn’t the first time Lex has abducted Lana. In other words, Lex’s goons forced Lana to film her break-up tape before taking her away to one of their compounds after she woke up from her coma last season.

However, that plan didn’t quite work as we see a flashback after Lana was abducted from her coma. She hijacked the van taking her away and kicked some major butt before going commando and cutting her hair. With just a knife in front of a bathroom mirror, Lana gave herself a darn good haircut. She should totally be on the next season of Shear Genius.

Back in the present, Clark finds a strange medallion in Lana’s apartment that Tess recognizes as that of one of her colleagues, Carter. Clark finds him only to learn that he gave the medallion to Lana last season.

Another flashback shows Lana asked Carter to train her since he used to work with the Green Berets. He put her in ice water baths and made her burn her arms to withstand pain and live up to her true potential. She wanted power and left him to get it, dangerous as it may have been.

Carter tells Clark he got the job with Tess to help in Lana’s quest to take down Lex. He also lets it slip that while in Metropolis after their training, Lana visited Chloe. Speaking of Lana, the mad scientist’s second step in the Prometheus project is to graft nanotechnology onto Lana’s skin. The dialogue this man has to spew is some of the most absurd random science jargon ever written.

Tess tries to recruit Regan, one of Lex’s evil guard dogs, by promising, “I’ll give you more milk bones than Lex ever did.” Cassidy Freeman can not have felt good about saying that line. She asks him to get her the Prometheus technology so she can prevent Lex from being brought back to life.

Instead, he shows up to her office and kills her other bodyguard who found out Prometheus’ location. He threatens to reveal some of the juicy details he watched on Lex’s security tapes in her obituary, but instead she decides to kick the crap out of him, literally. She keeps kicking him like an all-star punter until his blood is covering her face.

Clark heads to Chloe to fill in another piece of Lana’s backstory. Lana used the Isis Foundation to find out information on Project Ares, Lex’s plot to heal injured soldiers using alien DNA. They find a hidden safe in the Isis Foundation that includes a hard drive with information about Projects Ares and Prometheus.

The video takes us back to when Lana begged the scientist not to let Lex wear the special Prometheus body suit infused with alien technology that would turn him into a super hero. She wanted him to use Project Prometheus on her so Lex couldn’t get it.

Back in the mad scientist’s lab, Tess busts in asking for the Prometheus Suit and is surprised to see Lana as the test subject. Tess wants the suit destroyed, but that would kill Lana, which doesn’t really matter to Tess.

Tess fires her gun at the mad scientist and Clark speeds in to watch it. At the same time, Lana, who is now bonded to the super-powered Prometheus Suit, speeds in too and saves the mad scientist, taking time out to send a flirtatious look Clark’s way.

Afterwards, Lana visits Tess in a gesture of friendship. She tries to warn Tess against the danger of being overwhelmed by hatred for Lex. I don’t know what the female equivalent of bromance is, but that’s what’s going on here. Lana pleads with Tess not to be a victim before speeding off in her Prometheus Suit.

She pays on last visit to Clark by meeting him on the roof of the Daily Planet. He thinks it’s a bad idea she has powers, but she’s OK with it. She doesn’t want to be a distraction in his life, and now that he doesn’t have to worry about her safety because she has powers, they can be together. Finally, they share a rooftop kiss as the sun rises.

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