Date Of Birth

December 30, 1982


Kristen Kreuk was an aspiring gymnast as a young girl, competing in the national level until contracting scoliosis. She later shifted her attention to acting, when her drama teacher convinced her to audition for a role in the teen series Edgemont. She eventually joined the series as Chinese-Canadian student Laurel Yeung, playing the part for four seasons.

Her biggest break came in 2001, when she was cast as Clark Kent’s love interest, Lana Lang, in the television series Smallville. It is perhaps her best-known role to date, but she was initially hesitant to accept the role. Nonetheless, she appeared throughout most of the series’ run, although she appeared occasionally in later seasons.

Kreuk’s success on Smallville led to other roles, such as in the miniseries The Legend of Earthsea, and later, a recurring role in NBC’s Chuck. It also led to a moderately successful movie career, beginning with a cameo appearance in 2004’s EuroTrip, and later in the indie flick Partition and the video game-inspired movie Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

Place of Birth

Vancouver, BC

Birth Name

Kristin Laura Kreuk



Fun Facts

– Kristen’s father has Dutch blood, while her mother was born in Indonesia and is of Chinese descent.

– She was educated at Eric Hamber High School. There, she became involved in gymnastics, swimming, martial arts, and theater.

– She lists Wuthering Heights, The World According to Garp, Anne of Green Gables and Little Women as her favorite books.

– She is a proud member of the NGOs Greenpeace, Red Cross and UNICEF.

– Feist and Jeff Buckley are her favorite musicians.




– EuroTrip (2004)
– Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)
– Vampire (2011)

– Edgemont (regular, 2001-2005)
– Smallville (regular, 2001-2011)
– Chuck (recurring, 2010)






“It’s not that easy to find someone I can relate too. I’m tough to crack because I’m shy.”

“Just because I don’t do bad things doesn’t mean I don’t have bad thoughts.”

“I did gymnastics when I was growing up and to this day I can still do the splits.”

“I love Vancouver so much. It’s the most beautiful city. I love the mountains and when the sun is out, it makes up for all the rain.”

“I love having messy hair. I put in a lot of effort to have it look as messy as possible.”

“I wanted to be a forensic scientist for a long time…It’s like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Solving mysteries seemed like it would be fun, scary and exciting all at the same time.”

“Sometimes I love acting, but then sometimes I think it’s too much for me. And I don’t know if it is something that I could do for the rest of my life.”

“I never dreamed of being an actor, but I’m beginning to love it more and more because I like challenging myself. When I feel like I’m not learning or having fun anymore, then I’ll stop.”

“I really don’t use that much make up – I’m pretty natural. I wear even less of it in the summer.”