Chuck returns next week with a very special 3D episode called “Chuck vs. The Third Dimension.” To make things even more exciting, Dominic Monaghan will be guest starring as rock star Tyler Martin. Monaghan, who played Charlie Pace on Lost, will be reprising his role as a rock star, but this time on a comedy. I’m sure Martin will be nothing like washed up and tortured Pace of Drive Shaft.

Five preview clips have been released and I can already tell this episode is going to be amazing. First, there’s the Willy Wonka reference. Tyler Martin decides to place a golden ticket in one of his CD covers for one lucky fan. Morgan, who doesn’t even like Martin, is obsessed with getting it. I hope they have one or two more references to Wonka in the episode to top it all off. Also, there’s a new, slightly intimidating, employee at the BuyMore named Mr. Butterman. What could be better?

Although, undoubtedly we all have reservations about 3D, Chuck rarely lets its audience down. Chuck is fun, light-hearted, and consistently quality television. There are a lot of standard gimmicks that come with 3D, but I feel the writers on Chuck will be more inventive than that, especially NBC expects more viewers because of all their Superbowl advertising. That means we can expect top notch comedy writing and for this episode to be almost entirely self-contained. I imagine we won’t get a lot about Fulcrum or any other overarching plotlines but if they are smart, they’ll deliver an enticing cliffhanger to get people tuning back in the following week.

From the initial episode summary of “Chuck vs. The Best Friend,” the episode following Chuck 3D, that’s not the case. Chuck investigates Anna’s new boyfriend while Lester and Jeff try to get Ellie and Awesome to let their band play at the wedding. Chuck might be missing out on a huge opportunity to bring back viewers. Although I would never miss an episode, I’m not sure Bartowski’s charm is enough to garner huge results on a midseason tune-in – a pilot, yes, but not mid-second season.

I guess we’ll have to see what happens. But for now, enjoy these five preview clips for “Chuck vs. The Third Dimension.”

-Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Kim Wetter

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