For a long time, fans of Battlestar Galactica thought they had a good idea where the show was going. The search for Earth was always the primary goal, but when they arrived there during the mid-season finale of season 4, it was a vast wasteland.

During the wait until the start of the final 10 episodes, I naturally assumed the rest of the show would deal with the fallout from Earth. But by the second episode back, Battlestar Galactica left Earth behind and moved forward. Now I have no idea where the show is going, which is why I love it.

Right now, I have no idea where the show is going. The last two episodes have answered just about every question we had. Where did the humanoid Cylons come from? What happened on Earth? Who was the 13th tribe? What happened to Starbuck when she visited Earth the first time? And who is the final Cylon?

Yet somehow, the answers to those questions provided no real answers to the larger story of Battlestar Galactica. The final five Cylons came from Earth, but how they came to be on Caprica 2,000 years later is a mystery. The Earth was destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, but who was responsible? The 13th tribe was Cylon, but what does that mean? Was Earth inhabited by an entire population of copies of the 12 Cylon models?

When Starbuck miraculously came back from the grave, we wondered what happened to her. It turns out she may not have come back, and that her Viper crashed on Earth, killing her. But, as she beautifully and painfully cried out, “If that’s me, then what am I?” And finally, we learned that Ellen Tigh was the final Cylon, but we have no idea what possible ramifications that will have.

Some fans may not be happy about some of these discoveries. Perhaps they feel cheated that the final Cylon is dead, but that’s the brilliant part of it. Creator Ronald D. Moore made us think the final Cylon would be an integral member of the fleet, making this quite unexpected. It also fits with the theme of some of the other final five.

Moore and his writers made a point of having the people who sacrificed the most on New Caprica turn out to be Cylons, and no one suffered more than the woman who slept with Cylons to free her husband and was eventually killed by her own husband.

Now the show is addressing the issue of how the fleet will integrate with the Cylons, the future of Laura Roslin’s presidency, and the presence of the first baby with two Cylon parents. Where will the show go in these final episodes and how will it all end? Since Battlestar Galactica already showed us the ending many of us expected, the true end is now completely open, and that is what makes every episode even more exciting.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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