Smallville co-stars Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk may spend a lot of time fighting freaks on screen, but in real life they’re more concerned with helping out struggling artists.  The two lovely ladies have started a new online store called Juicy Peach, where they plan to sell their own artistic creations as well as those created by fans.  Instead of collecting the profits for themselves, they’ll turn any money earned into $1000 grants, which they will then send out to struggling artists around the country.  Their goal is to encourage creative expression and help fellow artists find their way to success.

In a post on Allison Mack’s official blog, the actress says, “Juicy Peach is a not-for-profit gallery and store born as a way to utilize art to support the creation of more art.  We are dedicated to harnessing our success and abilities to create a community of support so our contemporaries will have the opportunity to do the same. Basically, we are selling stuff so other people can make and sell more stuff!”

As for the $1000 grant, Kristin Kreuk explains, “Artists who receive this grant will be creating authentic, unique, and innovative work in any of the following fine art fields:  writing, performing, and visual arts, including film.  Juicy Peach supports and encourages the brave act of authenticity in the pursuit of skilled professional artistry.  Part of being human is to encounter and work through adversity.  As an artist, there are times when adversity feels like a massive concrete wall directly in front of you, reaching just beyond where you could feasibly leap on your own.  Juicy Peach is part of helping you find a way through that big, giant concrete wall.”

The Juicy Peach website has not yet become active, but should be up and ready for purchases and submissions within the next few days. Aspiring artists who are interested in submitting their work to the store can send an e-mail to [email protected].

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of the CW)


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