On tonight’s episode of Project Runway, Suede (speaking in the third person as always) decides to keep his model, Tia, which means that everyone will continue working with their models from last week.  The designers head back to the Atlas apartments and wait to find out what tonight’s challenge will be.  Tim Gunn shows up and takes the group to a double decker tour bus.  Naturally, everyone is confused but Tim quickly clears the air.  Their challenge will be to design an outfit for a night out on the town inspired by New York nightlife.  The bus will make four stops, where designers will get off and take pics for inspiration.  They hit several hot spots from Grand Central to Greenwich Village to Columbus Circle to, of course, Times Square.

In the design room, Blayne acts up and unnerves the other designers by fooling around and just messing around with them.  Keith’s dress looks like it could be something great but Stella worries that it’s a lot of work to finish in a short amount of time.  Kenley trashes Emily’s dress, saying it’s not well made at all and it’s boring.  Stella hammers her leather to make it easier to work with, which annoys the other designers but she tells them to deal with it – but throws in a few f bombs with it.

Tim liked what Keith had started but wanted to make sure it would have a shape and be fitted to his model’s body.  He loved the way that Terri took her inspiration and literally turned it into a dress.  Leanne impresses Tim with her beautiful design but she just hopes that she can finish it in time.  A great interaction comes between Blayne and Tim when he teaches him a little street talk like, “Holla at ya boy!”  Tim decides to stick with “Make it work.”  Good choice.

The day of the runway show, Tim delivers some bad news to Keith.  His model had to drop out of the competition and he’ll really have to scramble to get the dress to fit the replacement model.  He gets it together and at the runway, the designers find out that Sandra Bernhard is tonight’s guest judge.  Apparently, she’s an expert on New York nightlife.  Who knew? 

The judges like Kenley’s design but worry that anyone who isn’t in tune with the 80s wouldn’t appreciate her dress.  Michael didn’t like the amount of white fabric on Keith’s dress and Heidi says that the shape is missing.  Sandra called Terri’s dress fierce, sexy, and in control.  Nina thinks Emily’s dress looked more Carmen Miranda than high fashion.  Heidi tells Leanne that she would wear her dress in a heartbeat.  As Jennifer feared, the judges felt that her dress was not young and hip enough.

After talking it over, the judges decide that Kenley is this week’s winner and will receive immunity in the next challenge.  Emily is sent home, for creating a cliche look with no point of view.  She’ll talk to BuddyTV tomorrow in an exclusive interview.  Don’t miss it!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer















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