Big Brother 10, you saucy wench.  I don’t know what to do with you.  I really don’t.  At times, I’ve thought you were on your way to becoming a great season.  But, too often I’ve come away disliking a vast majority of the houseguests.  I still haven’t written off the season, and I think some protagonists may rise up out of the pack, but I question Allison Grodner’s seemingly desperate move that we learned about today: America’s Player is back.  We’ll learn about it on tonight’s show.  If done correctly with the right houseguest, America’s Player is a good thing.  However, it also has the potential for disaster.  I’ll be here throughout tonight’s episode, dropping Big Brother thoughts wherever I see fit.  Warning: I will make clear my dislike for the following people: April, Ollie, Michelle, and Jessie.  Sorry, it simply cannot be helped.

Keesha, blaming Angie for Steven’s departure is so brain-punchingly dumb that I just said “brain-punchingly.” 

Jerry’s array of quasi-tanktops are absolutely spectacular.  If I’m rockin’ bare armpits at 75 years old, I’ll have done something right.  Or, I’ll be senile.  Either way, yippee!

I love it when people ask themselves questions in the Diary Room and then answer them. 

Jessie says something about respect in the Diary Room, but it makes absolutely no sense. 

Keesha, as much as I hate to say it, might have made the right move.  She’s aligned herself with some bad players, who could possibly shoot themselves in the foot, keeping her safe.  No, what am I saying – Keesha was stupid.

Jerry thinks that Memphis is a womanizer who should get a real job, a career, instead of being a bartender.  Whatever, J-Spot.  Mixology is a legitimate profession.

Jessie talks to Keesha in the HoH room and tells her that Libra has orchestrated everything.  In the meantime, Keesha is dropping some mad cleavage.  Jessie is super animated while tryign to convince Keesha of Libra’s guilt.  Keesha says she gave Libra her word, and she can’t break that.  Jessie doesn’t know the definition of “subtle.” 

Michelle being a Jessie sycophant is disturbing.  Jessie, after his conversation with Keesha is ecstatic.  For no reason.  She agreed to nothing.  Jessie is stupid.

Veto Competition Player Picking Time  Jessie is not scared of anyone.  Good for you, sir.  Keesha, Angie, Jessie, Libra, Ollie and Memphis are the players.  Keesha chooses Dan to host. 

The players head outside.  The players all wear glorious green spandex unitards. 

“I have nothing but the utmost faith in myself.” – Jessie.  Has any quote ever summed up the whole being of a person better?

This is the silliest and possibly most awesome veto competition ever.  Each player gets into a garden bed, with a flower hat on, gets water dripped on them, and has to lay in the garden bed.  The person to rise up out of the flower bed closest to one hour later without going over wins the power of veto. 

The players are doused with compost and worms in the middle of the hour.  How would you try and play this comp?  Just count?  Memphis’s strategy is probably best.  He decides to count to 3600. 

Keesha gets out after 22 minutes. 

Jessie calls out Libra mid-competition, as Angie laughs and laughs.  Good stuff.

Libra is the next to leave, but we don’t see the timer.  Hmm, are they all too late?  Could Keesha have won leaving after only 22 minutes?  That would be fantastic. 

Angie, Ollie and Memphis leave in quick succession.  

Dan announces the winner…and it’s Keesha!!

BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!  Everyone else had left at least fifteen minutes too late. Fools.

Jessie and Angie are going to work together to get Libra on the block.  Angie goes up to the HoH room and tells Keesha to take Jessie off the block and put Libra on.  Angie makes a strong-ish case, but it might be too little too late. 

Angie tries to cry, but it’s a pretty crappy performance. 

Keesha and April now talk.  April would throw her mother down a well if it meant getting further in the game.  April, the moment Keesha mentions Libra, says yeah, she doesn’t trust her. 

Keesha has a lot on her mind.  She has no idea what to do. 

Jessie heads back to the HoH room.  Jessie is adamant that keeping Libra will come back to haunt her.  Jessie does the whole “I’m the victim here.” 

“I’m losing weight,” says Jessie.  Raise your hand if you care.  Bueller?

OK, OK.  We get the America’s Player announcement.  The person who wins the vote will be offered the chance to become America’s Player.  If they accept, they will receive a $20,000 reward on the spot.  That’d be hard to turn down.  I think America’s Player can kind of be helpful when it comes to gameplay.  It’s kind of freeing – there’s no stress because you have no say in the matter. 

The J.C. Penny “Breakfast Club” commercial makes me want to jab a lead pencil in my ear hole. 

Jessie’s tactics here are baffling.  He’s playing the “Me being nominated is weighing on me personally” card.  Oh yeah, we should be sympathetic to the roided up arrogant Bag.  Keesha rightly calls out Jessie for going nuts.  She’s the one suffering emotionally.  She’s getting it on all sides.  Being yelled at is no fun.  Keesha may not be that smart, but I can feel for her.  She tells the whole house, straight-up, that she gave her word to Libra and she can’t go back on her word.  Fair enough.

For goodness sake, can we please evict Jessie.

A banner flies over the house, and the houseguest are immediately sent into lockdown.  The idiots who were outside decide to pretend what it said.  They go with “Libra’s a liar.  Love, Steven.” 

Michelle is the one who goes with it and straight up tells everyone what it said.  Memphis amends that, and says that banner said Libra and somebody else are liars. 

Jerry and Memphis get into it.  Jerry calls Memphis a womanizer.  Memphis flips out while Jerry. lounges.  People enjoy yelling at Jerry, it seems.

Keesha decides not listen to anyone.  She doesn’t use the Power of Veto.  Correct decision?  We’ll find out in the next couple weeks.

I’ll be back later with a full recap of tonight’s episode.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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