There was lots of talk, but no action.  The conflict of tonight’s Big Brother 10 episode lasted from beginning to end, and ended rather anti-climactically.  This was to be expected, sort of – at this point, these houseguests are resistant to doing anything rash.  Keesha began the episode as Head of Household, having just nominated Jessie and Angie.  Neither nomination was all that smart, and I’m betting that Keesha would have liked a mulligan.  From the moment the nominations were written in stone, Jessie was at Keesha’s throat, and the stress and conflict followed our requisite Hooters girl through the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  It was all for naught, however, with the nomination situation remaining dormant. 

Jessie vs. Keesha: Battle of the Brains

It was a little more complicated than the above title might suggest, but you get the gist.  Jessie was loud and obnoxious through tonight’s episode, holding numerous palavers with Keesha in the Head of Household room.  Jessie lacks the skill of persuasion, and constantly beat Keesha over the head with his words.  His point is simple: Libra is the person who can’t be trusted, the person who masterminded Steven’s eviction, and Keesha would best be served to backdoor Libra.  Keesha gave Libra her word, however, and no matter how much sense it would make to backdoor her, she won’t.  Throughout the episode, Keesha is bombarded by Jessie and others, but she stays true to her word. 

The Houseguests Have Lost All Sense of Time

The Power of Veto ceremony was wonderfully silly tonight.  The six players: Keesha, Angie, Jessie, Ollie, Libra and Memphis.  Each contestant was dressed in a green unitard and garnished with a flower hat.  In the backyard, they were each laid and buried in a elevated flower bed.  The challenge was simple.  They have to stay in the flower bed (while water drips on them (kind of torturous, right?)) and try to rise up closest to the one hour mark, without going over.  Closest to one hour without going over wins.  Keesha, unable to take the water, rose up after 22 minutes.  Everyone else lost their minds, and rose up far after the hour mark had passed.  Keesha wins.

America’s Player Returns, Keesha Stands Pat

So, America’s Player is back…maybe.  Fans can vote online for who they’d like America’s Player to be.  Whoever wins that vote will be offered the position of America’s Player.  If they accept, they will immediately be given $20,000.  Keesha opted not to use the Power of Veto, a decision that may or may not bite her in the coming weeks.

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