There’s always the one person in the house who you absolutely cannot stand on Big Brother.  Going into the season, I thought that person would be Dan.  I assumed his background, his ultra-conservative beliefs (according to the CBS bios) and his general air of smarminess would lead me down the path of total hatred.  It didn’t, and Dan isn’t actually that bad of a guy.  Then, I thought my most despised Big Brother houseguest would be April.  She seemed to be a major instigator of conflict, a petty, unscrupulous player and someone who just plain annoyed me.  While all those things are generally still true, her dry-heaves-inducing showmance with Ollie has kept her out of the action lately.  And that’s how we arrive at Jessie.  I thought, when CBS cast this roided up beast, that he would be a sweet, naïve kid from Middle America trying to make his way in the big, bad world of Los Angeles.  Instead, Jessie turned out to be an arrogant, pompous jerk-off with no respect for those older and wiser than him.  If the Big Brother house had any sense, Jessie would be evicted as soon as possible.

I was watching The Soup on DVR last night, and was happy to find my man Joel McHale ripping Jessie to shreds.  Take a look:

All kidding aside, who acts like this?  If you had a friend who kept talking about how “shredded” they were in a picture of themselves, he wouldn’t be your friend anymore, right?  How insecure do you have to be?  I’m finding Jessie more difficult to watch every episode.  He’s not even one of those enjoyable villains, who you kind of want to stick around in the Big Brother house so you have someone to root against.  I just want Jessie gone, because listening to him talk is near unbearable. 

Who is your least favorite houseguest?  Comment below. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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