If you’re a fan of mythology, adventure, and Rick Riordan books, then the “Percy Jackson” movies are a must-watch.

The “Percy Jackson” movie series is based on the best-selling book series of the same name, following the story of Poseidon’s son, Percy Jackson, as he goes on extraordinary adventures.

The first one was directed by Chris Columbus and was released a decade ago, and was a massive hit among the audience.

The second movie was released three years after its predecessor; although sometimes criticized for their deviation from the books, the films are still enjoyable to watch. Looking to watch them in order, here’s the correct way to do so!

If you’re keen to watch “Percy Jackson” movies, know that there are five books in the first series; The Percy Jackson novels are among the most popular young adult adaptations in recent years, and the films did an excellent job of bringing them to life.

If you haven’t read the books yet, I highly recommend doing so. They’re a fun and exciting ride from start to finish.

But, If you want to watch the “Percy Jackson” Film series, here’s the correct way to do so! So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we journey through all the “Percy Jackson” Films.

Percy Jackson Movies in Order of the Release Date

  • Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)
  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)

The first movie in the “Percy Jackson” series was directed by Chris Columbus and, based on the 2005 novel The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, was released in 2010.

The story follows the demigod Percy Jackson, a teenager who discovers his true identity and sets out on a quest to stop an impending war between the gods. Along the way, he must master his newly found powers and battle mythological creatures such as Medusa, Hades, and the Minotaur.

The film stars Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, with an ensemble cast that includes Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Kevin McKidd, Steve Coogan, Uma Thurman, and Sean Bean.

It was a commercial success, grossing almost $227 million worldwide against a budget of $95 million.

The book has been made into a movie, several television programs, and an enduring animated series. A sequel was released in 2013, based on The Sea of Monsters, the second book in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series.

If you love movies about Greek Gods or Greek Mythology, this is the movie you should start watching. The film did a fantastic job and portrayed the Percy Jackson books attractively and unforgettably on the big screen.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

The sequel picks up where the first film left off, with Percy and Annabeth on a mission to free the captives. They are pursued by monsters, including Manticore and Charybdis, who threaten to expose the prophecy. The goal of the journey is to defend humanity from evil monstrosities. Although the narrative of the second film isn’t as strong, it is a fun trip.

The second part of the series was directed by Thor Freudenthal and is based on the book The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan.

The cast of The Golden Fleece includes Stanley Tucci as Mr. D and Thalia Grace (daughter of Zeus), a new character who becomes a tree-like protector. This barrier protects the camp from monsters while the characters are on their quest for the Golden Fleece, Thalia Grace, who was cut out of the first film, makes her debut in this movie.

Percy and his team must survive in the sea, overcoming many obstacles in the film. This requires them to do some pretty daring things.

The film is as exciting and adventurous as its predecessor, with some new and interesting characters. 

The success impressed the fans and was a massive box office hit, grossing over $226.4 million against its budget of $95 million.


So, here we have all the “Percy Jackson” Movies in order of the release date. The Percy Jackson movie series is based on the best-selling book series of the same name, following the story of Poseidon’s son, Percy Jackson, as he goes on extraordinary adventures.

The first one was directed by Chris Columbus and was released a decade ago; it was an instant hit with audiences. The second movie came out three years later, and though sometimes criticized for its deviation from the books, they are still enjoyable to watch.

If you’re looking for a good adventure film series to get lost in, look no further than “Percy Jackson.”

FAQs About the “Percy Jackson” Movie Series

Percy Jackson Movie Series FAQs

How many “Percy Jackson” books are there?

The series has seven books, beginning with “Percy Jackson” and the Olympians, a pentalogy of fantasy novels written by American author Rick Riordan. The Camp Half-Blood Chronicles is the first book series in this story. The novels take place in a world where Greek gods rule in the 21st century and follow Percy Jackson, a young demigod who must prevent Kronos’ (Cronus’) Titans from destroying the planet.

More than 20 million copies of the series have been printed and sold. There are also graphic novel versions of each book available, and it has sold over 180 million copies worldwide as of January 2022, making it one of the best-selling book series of all time.

What is the order of Percy Jackson & the Olympians Books?

Those who enjoy Percy Jackson and the Olympians may find it helpful to read a list of five books from the series chronologically, allowing them to appreciate it properly without sacrificing suspense or pleasure.

Here is the list:

  1. The Lightning Thief
  2. The Sea of Monsters
  3. The Titan’s Curse
  4. The Battle of the Labyrinth
  5. The Last Olympian

Are “Percy Jackson” movies related to each other?

Yes, Percy Jackson’s movies are connected; they are based on one of the highest-selling novels stories about Percy Jackson. There are only two movies released, and both are related in terms of story and characters.

Do I have to read the books to understand the movies?

No, you don’t have to read the books, but we highly recommend reading them as they are full of interesting facts and lore that are not present in the movies. The movies are still enjoyable without having read the books, but you will get a lot more out of them if you do.

What is the difference between the Percy Jackson book series and the Percy Jackson movies?

The books differ significantly from the movie’s plot, characters, and setting. The books are set in a world where Greek gods exist and regularly interact with humans.

At the same time, the movies take place in the modern day with only occasional references to Greek mythology. Additionally, many of the main characters from the book series are either absent or have significantly different roles in the movies.

Despite these differences, the core themes of adventure and discovery are still present in the books and the movies. “Percy Jackson” is still a lovable and relatable protagonist, and the story is still full of excitement, humor, and heart.

Are “Percy Jackson” movies related to Harry potter?

No, There is no connection between these two films. The characters, story, and book are all different, and there is nothing in common between the two. The Percy Jackson film is about Greek God and his son demigod Percy Jackson. While Harry Potter is about magic and witchcraft.

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