Whether you’re checking out “Halloween Wars” for the first time or re-binging the reality TV show while waiting for news on whether or not there will be a season 12, there are plenty of places to watch the show. You can stream or buy episodes at the Food Network website, using the Food Network Go app, or through your favorite online streaming option.

About “Halloween Wars”

“Halloween Wars” is one of the many shows produced by Super Delicious, the television production company also behind the popular “Cupcake Wars,” “Cake Wars” and “Holiday Wars.” The show airs on the Food Network every fall — usually over several weeks in September and October — and is a fun way to get in the mood for the Halloween holiday. 

The series complements the Food Network’s other Halloween-themed programming, the network’s then-president, Courtney White, said ahead of season 11 in 2021. Among their food-based Halloween-inspired shows — in addition to “Halloween Wars” — are “Road to Halloween Wars” and “Halloween Baking Championship,” as well as special seasons like “Kids Baking Championship: Oh My Gourd!” and “Worst Cooks in America: Halloween Redemption.”

“Viewers love our Halloween lineup, an over-the-top, multi-week event full of frights, delights, thrilling competitions, and spectacularly spooky edible-themed creations,” she said. “Each year, we look to outdo ourselves, and with Zak Bagans bringing inspiration to the scariest season of “Halloween Wars” yet, along with returning favorites “Halloween Baking Championship” and “Outrageous Pumpkins,” Food Network delivers all the Halloween tricks and treats and more.”

In each spooky season of this reality series, five expert teams — composed of pumpkin carvers, cake artists, and candy makers — battle it out in the kitchen in an elimination-style competition to create the most impressive and scariest Halloween-inspired display they can. The winning contestants take home a cash prize — $50,000, though this dropped to $25,000 in 2021.

Each episode features two competition rounds. The first is known as the “Small Scare.” This is a smaller task where teams are given 45 minutes to interpret a spooky theme — which changes each episode — as a dramatic dessert.

The second round of each episode is called the “Spine Chiller.” During this portion of the episode, the competing teams are given five hours to work on a larger creation and more immersive sculpture that embodies a different theme.

Themes across both rounds of the show have ranged from possessed children’s toys, bizarre circus acts, and zombies vs. vampires. Contestants use tasty materials, such as cake, frosting, and candy, to create their delicious works of art.

There have been some tweaks and changes to the format of “Halloween Wars” since the series’ inception. The biggest change came in season 11 when pumpkin carving was axed as a skill required by each team and no longer part of the competition. The show also got rid of the smaller “Spine Chiller” competition that kicked off each episode. Both changes were said to be COVID-19 pandemic-related. If the series is renewed for a season 12, there’s no word on how the format might be further tweaked or reverted back to how it started. This season also welcomed eight competing teams, more than it had in the past.

How Many “Halloween Wars” Are There?

“Halloween Wars” premiered on the Food Network in 2011. From the start, viewers were enthralled by these teams of sugar artists, pumpkin carvers, and cake decorators creating brilliantly scary — and tasty — works of art. Since that launch, there have been 11 seasons of the popular show, the last one airing in the fall of 2021.

Will There Be a Season 12 of “Halloween Wars” in 2022?

From the start, Food Network fans have loved “Halloween Wars.” Now, just a few months away from the 2022 Halloween season, many viewers are probably wondering if there will be a season 12 of the show.

Food Network recently announced that the start of season 12 will air at 8 pm Eastern on Sunday, September 18th, 2022, which will include the following three episodes.

  • Road to Halloween Wars 2002 (Intro) – 8 pm Eastern
  • That Voodoo That You Do (S12E1) – 9 pm Eastern
  • Monsters of London (S12E2) – 10 pm Eastern

How Many Episodes Are in Season 12 of “Halloween Wars?”

The 12th season of Halloween Wars will include one introduction episode and eight regular episodes. The Food Network’s current TV schedule has the initial showing of the “Halloween Wars” episodes’ air dates as follows.

Premiere Night

  • (Intro) Road to Halloween Wars 2002 – 9/18/22 at 8 pm Eastern
  • (S12 E1) That Voodoo That You Do – 9/18/22 at 9 pm Eastern
  • (S12 E2) Monsters of London – 9/18/22 at 10 pm Eastern

Following Weeks

  • (S12 E3) Escape from Alcatraz  – 9/25/22 at 9 pm Eastern
  • (S12 E4) A Coven of Confections – 10/2/2022 at 9 pm Eastern
  • (S12 E5) All Dolled Up – 10/9/2022 at 9 pm Eastern
  • (S12 E6) Boos and Booze – 10/16/2022 at 9 pm Eastern
  • (S12 E7) Killer Waves – 10/23/2022 at 9 pm Eastern
  • (S12 E8) Dressed to Kill – 10/30/2022 at 9 pm Eastern

Who are the Teams and Contestants of “Halloween Wars” Season 12?

Season 12 of “Halloween Wars” will include the following 9 teams with 3 contestants per team.

Halloween Wars Season 12 Teams and Contestants

Source: Food Network

  • Team Whisk Craft (Orange) – Shannon Davie, Brooke Taylor, and Chad Gainey
  • Team Ghostly Gals (Baby Blue) – Monique Hawk, Susan Mijares, and Janira Green
  • Team Lollipop Lunatics (Maroon) – Beverly Hansen, Willy Tuz, and Jamie Louks
  • Team Eerie Eats (Yellow) – Andrea Vacek, Anthony Pater, and Cesar Barachina
  • Team Mixin Vixens (Hot Pink) – Brittani Diehl, Marianne Daquino, and Jennifer Hoskins
  • Team Wicked Delicious (Royal Blue) – Judi Dadtka, William Wilson, and Elizabeth Harkness
  • Team Pastry Pirates (Gray) – Julia Jankowski, Tammy Varela, and Rodolfo Goncalves
  • Team Squad Ghouls (Lime Green) – Reggie Harris, Hannah Smith, and Jannet Michael
  • Team Candy Corn Killers (Purple) – Joey Lopez, Brent Heuser, and Pege Yates

Who Were the Hosts of “Halloween Wars” in 2021?

The show’s most recent host was paranormal investigator Zak Bagans, who took the helm during the 2021 season. Since its launch, “Halloween Wars” has had four hosts:

Justin Willman:

In addition to the “Halloween Wars” brand, Willman hosted numerous Food Network programs, including “Cupcake Wars,” “King of Cones,” and “Last Cake Standing.” This magician and comedian, who got his start performing magic on YouTube, helped launch “Halloween Wars,” hosting the series seasons one through four. He also created and starred in “Magic for Humans” on Netflix and has appeared on numerous talk shows, such as “The Tonight Show,” “Conan,” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Other hosting duties he’s known for include “Baking Impossible” on Netflix and “Disney’s Win, Lose or Draw” on the Disney Channel.

Rossi Morreale:

This former college football player and television personality hosted season four of “Halloween Wars.” After his time as an athlete ended, he got his start in television by appearing on “Temptation Island” in 2001 as a single person who was supposed to “tempt” the female contestants on the show. Though he only appeared on one season of “Halloween Wars,” Morreale has participated in numerous other reality shows, such as “Can You Duet” on the Country Music Channel, “Dating in the Dark” on ABC, “Escape Routes” on NBC, “American Airgunner” on the Pursuit Channel, and “Junkyard Wars” on TLC.

Jonathan Bennett:

Known for his roles in “Mean Girls,” “Cheaper by the Dozen 2,” “All My Children,” and “Veronica Mars,” this actor hosted the reality competition from seasons six through 10. Bennett also served as host of “Cupcake Wars” and “Cake Wars” for the Food Network. In 2014, he competed as a celebrity on “Dancing with the Stars,” coming in ninth place with his dance partner Allison Holker. He was also a houseguest on the second season of “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2019.

Zak Bagans:

This host and executive producer of the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventure” and owner of The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas took over as host of “Halloween Wars” in 2021 for season 11. He’s also served as executive producer of “Help! My House Is Haunted,” “Destination Fear,” “The Haunted Museum,” and “Manson’s Bloodline.” Since it’s not known yet whether “Halloween Wars” will return for season 12, there has also been no information on whether Bagans will return as host.

The show has also welcomed numerous judges, who oversee the teams and critique their work, over the years, including Shinmin Li, Todd Tucker, Brian Kinney, Aarti Sequeira, Eddie Jackson, Tom Savini, Don Macini, and Miles Teves, as well as multiple guest judges. Li has served as the only permanent judge for all 11 seasons of “Halloween Wars.” 

What Team Won “Halloween Wars” in 2021?

The season 11 winner, “Mischievous Monsters,” took home the grand prize in “Halloween Wars” 2021, beating out the “Ghosts with the Most.” Throughout the season, the ultimate champions were known for their character creation and sculpting skills. Their cake and candy flavors were always top-notch as well. 

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