Disney fans young and old love a great adventure with Mickey Mouse and the gang. Over the years, Mickey and pals have headlined a variety of shows, each taking viewers on fun and fantastical adventures. The gang’s latest television hit is the Disney Junior animated series, “Mickey Mouse Funhouse.”

Mickey and the gang find the magic funhouse, Funny, in the woods. When Funny calls to them, they each hop in a car to race to their old clubhouse from “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” From there the gang attaches their cars together to create the “Floaty Coaster” to fly to the funhouse. Funny then lets the gang choose between three themed doors for their adventure. The gang is then transported to a new destination and ready to solve any problem they might face. They come across friends, old and new, and Funny comes along too, morphing into different shapes to fit in. 

Created by executive producer Phil Weinstein and Thomas Hart, “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” debuted with a special episode in July of 2021. The full first season officially premiered in October 2021 and was quickly renewed for season two. “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” is the successor to “Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures,” formerly known as “Mickey and the Roadster Racers” also featuring Mickey and the sensational six. Similarly, “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” episodes feature two short adventures with an interlude. The colorful animation and wacky stories keep kids entertained and using their imaginations.

What’s more, it introduces some of television’s most beloved characters, Mickey and the sensational six.

Who Are the Main Characters of “Mickey Mouse Funhouse?”

“Mickey Mouse Funhouse” features Mickey Mouse and the rest of the sensational six, including Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck. This show also introduces kids to a new character, Funny, the gang’s magical funhouse. 

Mickey Mouse Funhouse Characters

Back Row: Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Goofy
Front Row: Pluto, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse

  • Mickey Mouse. Voiced by Bret Iwan, Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognized cartoon characters ever drawn. He was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks back in 1928. Since then, he has been in a number of shows, shorts, and films. He is also the mascot of Disney theme parks. Mickey’s recent television shows focus around taking viewers on adventures and learning new things. In “Mickey Mouse Funhouse,” Mickey leads the gang on their adventures. For example, in “Mickey the Brave,” Mickey and friends go to the fairy tale Kingdom of Majestica to find out if dragons are real. This is where the gang meets Farfus the Dragon.  
  • Minnie Mouse. Voiced by Kaitlyn Robrock, Minnie Mouse was first created in 1928. She and Mickey have been together for years in shows and films. But, she isn’t afraid to have her own adventures. While many times she has portrayed the “damsel in distress,” Minnie has come into her own over the years. In many Disney television animation shows, Minnie takes solo adventures where she has to solve a problem and save the day. In the first season of “Mickey Mouse Funhouse,” Minnie has to save her pizza party by going on an adventure to get pizzas from the land of myth in “Minnie’s Big Delivery.”
  • Goofy. Voiced by Bill Farmer, Goofy has always been just that — goofy. Created back in 1932, Goofy is the gang’s big, tall, clumsy friend who always finds himself in trouble. While he always comes out on top in the end, he causes chaos along the way. Sometimes Goofy causes trouble by not paying attention or tripping over his shoes. However, sometimes silly things just happen to him. For example, in “Homesick/Goldfish Goofy,” the gang gets transported to an Ocean World and everyone is transformed into mermaids — except Goofy. Goofy becomes a goldfish.
  • Pluto. Also voiced by Bill Farmer, Mickey’s faithful dog companion usually doesn’t have much to say. Created in 1930 and modeled after a bloodhound, Pluto generally acts like a normal dog. He never speaks words or walks on two legs. Instead, he expresses himself through pantomime. Pluto is Mickey’s companion, sidekick, best friend, and occasional conscience. He can sometimes be a bit clumsy and silly, but he often gets in trouble trying to keep Mickey and his friends safe. Mickey always treats Pluto right and gives him special adventures, such as taking him and Teddy to Prehistoric Land to meet dinosaurs in “Dino Doggies.”
  • Donald Duck. Voiced by Tony Anselmo and created in 1934, Donald Duck is the “problem child” by Walt Disney because Donald has a bit of a temper. Throwing a temper tantrum after being even a little annoyed or inconvenienced is his go-to move. What’s more, Donald loves a good prank. However, this often backfires, as he ends up being the one who gets pranked. While sometimes it might seem that Donald gets a little jealous of Mickey, it’s clear that the two are best friends. Mickey and Donald often go on adventures together, usually with Goofy tagging along. 
  • Daisy Duck. Voiced by Tress MacNeille, Daisy Duck, created in 1940, is Minnie’s best friend and Donald’s girlfriend. While she often scolds Donald for his explosive temper, she also has a bit of a temper. While Daisy tends to have more self-control over her anger, she has several other qualities that can come back to bite her. She loves elegance and can sometimes overindulge in expensive things. What’s more, she loves being the center of attention. Unlike many of the other characters in the sensational six, Daisy is an extrovert and will go to extra lengths to be in the spotlight. For example, in “Sunny Gulch,” Daisy promises to play fair in a competition, but it proves hard for her to keep that promise.
  • Funny. Voiced by Harvey Guillén, Funny is an enchanted talking playhouse created for “Mickey Mouse Funhouse.” With a sunny personality and a big blue face, Funny is a welcoming character that just wants to help his friends. He can send Mickey and pals to amazing new places, such as Sunny Gulch, Majestica, or Prehistoric Land. He can transform himself into any building style to help blend into these new places. For example, he changes into a pirate ship when the gang goes on a pirate adventure. 

Recurring Characters of “Mickey Mouse Funhouse”

  • Pete. Voiced by Jim Cummings, Pete is the arch-nemesis of Mickey and the gang. Created in 1925, he has been causing problems ever since. Usually, when there is trouble afoot, Pete is to blame. However, there are times when the gang manages to talk sense into Pete, and he comes around to the good side. In “Mickey Mouse Funhouse,” Pete invites the gang to play on his baseball team and visit a seahorse show, but that doesn’t mean he has changed his ways.
  • Chip and Dale. Voiced by Tress MacNeille and Corey Burton, this dynamic duo is always together. Chip and Dale started making mischief in 1943. Starting as adversaries to Pluto, the two animals now find themselves helpful friends of the sensational six. While most of the time they act like normal chipmunks, in “Minnie’s Big Delivery” they actually own a pizza shop. 
  • Ludwig Von Drake. Also voiced by Corey Burton, Professor Ludwig Von Drake is the uncle of Donald Duck. Created in 1961, Ludwig generally asks the gang for help solving problems. Ludwig is also one of the many caretakers of Huey, Dewy, and Louie. In “Mickey Mouse Funhouse,” Ludwig is the King of Majestica and allows Mickey to be King for a while when he goes out of town. 
  • Wanda Warbler. Voiced by Mickey Guyton, Wanda Warbler is an original “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” character. Wanda is a famous country music singer in the land of Sunny Gulch. However, she has gained the nickname “The Wandrin’ Warbler” because she tends to wander off without telling people. The gang visits Wanda in Sunny Gulch a few times throughout season one and helps her find her way back to the stage. 

Special Guest Characters of “Mickey Mouse Funhouse”

  • Rocket Mouse. Voiced by Jaime Camil, Rocket Mouse is Mickey’s hero. In “Mickey Meets Rocket Mouse,” the gang gets invited to join Rocket’s team of mouse-stronauts.
  • Captain Salty Bones. Voiced by beloved actor John Stamos, Captain Salty Bones is a pirate captain the gang meets while they explore the seven seas. 

Where Can You Watch “Mickey Mouse Funhouse?”

“Mickey Mouse Funhouse” is available for streaming on Disney+. You can also catch episodes on Disney Junior or purchase episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

What Themes Are Discussed in “Mickey Mouse Funhouse?”

Like many Disney Junior and Disney Channel shows, the themes discussed in “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” center around working together, friendship, and doing what is right. Given a problem, each character must find a way to solve it by using teamwork, communication, and perseverance. 

What Age Is “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” Appropriate for?

“Mickey Mouse Funhouse” is for children ages three and up. This is a show that focuses on audiences that are not of school age. It’s the perfect show to have on during playtime. 

How Many Episodes and Seasons of Mickey Mouse Funhouse Are There?

Currently, there are 16 episodes of “Mickey Mouse Funhouse.” Only season one is available for streaming. Though the series is renewed for seasons two and three, there is no current premiere date for season two. BuddyTV will keep you updated if that changes.

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