Well, we have our Top 13 and we’ve all had a little time to accept it. From this group of individuals, there shall arise a chosen one. He or she may not be the next American Idol, for they will be chosen arbitrarily, by Ryan Seacrest, as the contestant who will receive just a little extra attention.

Last year it was Didi Benami. Ryan just couldn’t stop touching her, holding her hand, leading her around the stage — he was drunk with power. Some people think that because he’s dating Julianne Hough now, Ryan won’t touch anyone, but in Season 7 he chose David Cook, whatever that means. This year’s Top 13 seems particularly young, and particularly fiesty. Maybe, recognizing the pattern, the contestants are taking their power back this year. After all, Lauren Alaina has already dubbed Ryan Seacrest, “Peaches,” and Brett Loewenstern always hugs first.

Until she was eliminated in the final moments of last week’s results show, I thought Kendra Chantelle had a good chance of being Peaches’ Pet. From what I can tell, he chooses people who might be a little soft spoken, or may be unsure of themselves early on in the competition, in need of Seacrest’s creepy guidance. And he likes them petite.

The guys who are out of the running immediately are Jacob Lusk (Ryan might be scared of him), Casey Abrams (too confident and laid-back for Peaches), and Paul McDonald. Paul McDonald doesn’t strike me as someone who cares about all things Idol very much. If he’s eliminated he’ll be like, “OK,” and if he wins he’ll be like, “cool.” Peaches needs to feed off of one’s insecurity.

While I think Ryan may want to prey on any weakness he sees in James Durbin, I think James might just be too tall for him (and the mohawk puts him way out of range). That leaves us with Stefano Langone and Scotty McCreery. Is Stefano delicate enough for Ryan’s touch? Is Scotty McCreery too much of a man-in-training? Will Ryan be put off by Scotty’s deep voice?

Moving on to the girls, I don’t think it will be Naima Adedapo, who seems too sure of herself and has also picked up garbage professionally. I also doubt it will be Lauren Alaina, who dubbed Ryan “Peaches” and may be too sassy and vocal for his liking. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I don’t think it will be Karen Rodriguez or Pia Toscano either. Is Thia Megia too young, or just right? The whole thing is creeping me out the more I write about it, but I feel like it will be Ashthon Jones or Haley Reinhart.

Ashthon may have lost a lot of confidence in that whirlwind of results on Thursday night, and Peaches can smell fear. Haley just seems like his type. So those are my guesses, what are yours? As the weeks roll by Peaches’s Pet will reveal itself.

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Who do you think Ryan will touch just a little bit more than all the others? Are any patterns emerging already? Please discuss.

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