Last night, Jimmy Fallon celebrated Late Night‘s second birthday and, generous Jimmy that he is, instead of receiving gifts, he gave them away to us. By “gifts,” I mean two spot-on, hilarious video shorts–truly the sort of gifts that keep on giving.

First, check out “Winning for Men: By Charlie Sheen,” Jimmy’s parody fragrance ad, and note two essential things: One, that they used about 90% real Charlie Sheen quotes, because they were that crazy to begin with. And two … who knew Fallon was such a dead-ringer for Sheen? It’s almost like the first Tina Fey/Sarah Palin parody I ever saw. Eerie.

Jersey Shore parodies are a dime a dozen, but this one has something most others don’t: Rachel Dratch! Plus, again, Jimmy’s impersonation of Pauly D is pretty perfect, right down to the “T-shirt time” (oh, I mean “Sweatshirt time”!) song. Check out “Jersey Floor,” which essentially mirrors an episode of Jersey Shore, except that it takes place in an office:

Happy birthday to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! Thanks for making us laugh for the past two years–we hope NBC gives you at least two more.

(Image courtesy of NBC)