Locke better suit up for a reunion of some sort.

Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse confirmed to TV Guide Magazine that Katey Sagal is returning to the show’s final season–a stark departure, perhaps, when you think that the character she plays, Helen Norwood, is supposedly dead already.  Then again, this is Lost, and death is, well…

As always, he isn’t revealing much about who else is returning, but he’s also confirmed that Ian Somerhalder–currently anchored at the CW’s Vampire Diaries–has just shot his return scene as Boone.  And he isn’t speaking up on Harold Perrineau’s return to the show.  “I cannot yet confirm or deny whether he will be back on the show this year,” he said.

Another former cast member who wants back?  Julie Bowen, also known as Jack’s former wife.  “What’s stopping you?” she told Cuse in jest when they met up at a fundraiser.  And she’s got a possible scenario in her head, too: “The last time you saw Sarah, she was pregnant with another man’s child.  But I would pitch that it was actually Jack’s baby and Jack’s found out and it’s somehow important to whatever is happening on the island.”

Something always has to be up, it seems.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Henrik Batallones

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