So they thought we can’t get ready for a sixth season of So You Think You Can Dance in time?  I’m well suited up, I’d like to think.  It all begins tomorrow, with the first of seven weeks’ worth of audition episodes, but here’s a video preview to hype everyone up.  And, maybe, so we can get used to seeing all those lines all over again.  And, yeah, train for all those Mary Murphy screams.

It’s pretty much a two-minute long trailer, the first 45 seconds of which is dedicated towards showing the first five seasons (which we’ve, well, seen just a week ago) and then, there’s the look at what we should expect during the auditions.  Good dancers, big statements from Adam Shankman (who’s still hoping he’ll be judging more frequently this season), this odd dancer that’s got Mary acting crazy again…
…and yes, the title refers to bad visual puns.  I mean the term “bad visual puns”.  Yes, I saw that pun in season 6 trailers shown last season, but it’s never improved with age, really.

Before we begin So You Think You Can Dance‘s sixth season tomorrow from 9pm, the trailer goes just right here.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of Fox)

Henrik Batallones

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