“The American public sway toward the singing acts,” says America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan, which probably explains why more than half of the acts we’ll see on the talent show finale are singlers, including frontrunners Barbara Padilla and Kevin Skinner, plus Lawrence Beamen, Drew Stevyns, the Texas Tenors and the Voices of Glory.

Clogging sisters the Fab Five, musicians Recycled Percussion, break dancer  Hairo Torres, and comedian Grandma Lee complete the America’s Got Talent top 10. How will you rank this year’s final batch? My ranking is after the cut.

10. The Texas Tenors

This is the group who sang something patriotic with the one hot guy in the middle, right? This top ten just has too many singers, and I simply don’t think they will crowd Padilla, Stevyns, and Skinner at the top.

9. The Voices of Glory

Please see above explanation.

8. Lawrence Beamen

Lawrence Beamen is not talent-less, and there are people who swear that he’s good. I’m not sure if it’s simply a preference, but I just don’t see it. Maybe I’m just too pop? But I like Barbara Padilla!

7. Recycled Percussion

What Recycled Percussion does is actually cool. However, I just don’t see them sustaining a Vegas act, should they win America’s Got Talent.

6. The Fab Five

These ladies are amazing. They just might be the dark horse, although the appeal of the frontrunners is just too massive and broad, so I wouldn’t count on it.

5. Hairo Torres

Again, another dark horse horse. It’s possible that the inordinate amount of singers in the final 10 can divide the votes, so Hairo Torres, who is actually getting better, can be a surprise top 3 contender.

4. Kevin Skinner

What? Kevin Skinner? Only number four? Going into the quarterfinals, for the record, the videos of Kevin Skinner on America’s Got Talent was among the most viewed on YouTube. However, as frantic as some of his fans are, there are correspondingly hordes who don’t exactly adore him, and are always quick to point out that he can’t sing.

3. Drew Stevyns

Drew Stevyns is peeking at just the right time, and among the singers, he’s one of the more popular. Making it this far is already a surprise in itself – will he make it to the very end?

2. Grandma Lee

The part that works for Grandma Lee: she’s adorable and she’s the only comedian in the top 10. the part that doesn’t work: she needs new material. Supposing she does, it’s not very impossible that she wins.

1. Barbara Padilla

Hands down, Barbara Padilla has moved a lot of people with her performances on America’s Got Talent. I know people, including straight guys, who admitted to crying after she sang. That in itself is something not a lot of people can claim to be able to do.

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– Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Glenn Diaz

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