Am I the only one who didn’t enjoy last night’s Glee as much as I should? It was crazy, yes. Seeing Rachel try out the ’50s look, and then the Hillary Clinton look, is hilarious. Seeing everyone rock out even if they couldn’t was a bit hilarious. And then there were the touching moments too, although I didn’t like the way the “Imagine” performance was set up (but, hey, I like it). And we didn’t see much of the people that mattered. Well, I guess this week is one of those weeks.

A few questions, then. Should we care for who Rachel loves, or for who Quinn loves? I go for the latter. Should we give more air time to the other background characters? Please–it was refreshing and surprising to see Santana and Brittany get their share of the spotlight this week. Can Terri Schuester ever be forgiven? I don’t really know.

Anyway, we had seven songs this week, with five available for download on iTunes. Oh, and there’s this one song that got away–did you hear Mercedes’ take on Dionne Warwick’s “Don’t Make Me Over”? She didn’t sing it on screen, but you can hear an instrumental version on the scene where Kurt’s waxing Rachel’s eyebrows. Shame, but oh well. Here go this week’s songs then:

the Jane Adams glee kids’ “Bootylicious”:

Amber Riley’s “Don’t Make Me Over”:

Dianna Agron’s “Papa Don’t Preach”:

New Directions’ “Hair”/”Crazy In Love” mash-up:

New Directions and the deaf glee kids’ “Imagine”:

Jenna Ushkowitz’s “True Colors”:

And as a bonus, here’s the official Glee Christmas single, “Last Christmas”, also available on iTunes:

Henrik Batallones

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