Gossip Girl star Blake Lively will spend her post-Thanksgiving week with the cast of Saturday Night Live, which she is set to host on December 5.

Will Lively be a giggly, coasting-on-her-looks host like January Jones two weeks ago, an eager to please entertainer like last week’s Joseph Gordon Levitt, or something else entirely?

For that we’ll just have to wait and see–and it’s hard not to be curious, given Lively’s lack of acting experience in the comedy department. (Unless you count certain episodes of Gossip Girl season 3…)

This won’t be the first time that Lively has appeared on Saturday Night Live, but we’re absolutely certain that, at some point during her program two weeks from now, it will be the funniest. Way back in September, she popped up during a digital short with then-host James Franco to deliver one, solitary “so expected and juvenile, I forgot to laugh” sort of line. But SNL‘s writing isn’t her fault, so let’s not hold it against the lovely Ms. Lively. Watch for yourself:

Tune in to see what the SNL folks can get Blake Lively to do, December 5 at 11:30 PM on NBC.