With a baby on the way, Kendra Wilkinson has been trading late-night partying for pregnant pampering.  The former star of E!’s The Girls Next Door has been staying in her Indianapolis home with her husband, NFL favorite Hank Baskett, doing all they can to prepare for the baby.  Still, it wouldn’t hurt to have another one.

Talking to the Indy Star, the 24-year-old reality TV celebrity admitted that she’s been enjoying her stay in the quiet compound, anticipating the arrival of her son.  She and Hank are planning on moving back to L.A. in February next year after she gives birth.

“We’re very bouncy people,” Kendra exclaimed.  “We can’t stay in the same place for a long time.”

Still, they’ve had such a grand time in their Carmel mansion, which they share with their two dogs – Rascal and Martini.  “Indianapolis has been amazing so far.  I’ve always dreamed of knowing my neighbors and being around people I know.  But, of course, we’re going back to L.A., so it’s sort of like a tease.”

Moving away is the least of their worries, with the baby due this December.  Even though she’s this far into her pregnancy, Kendra Wilkinson is still anxious over the arrival of her son.  What really makes her nervous is having the cameras follow her around all the while.

“That’s why it’s kind of hard to shoot the show,” Kendra revealed.  “One little mistake that they will probably shoot — the judgment, with it being on TV, that’s what scares me.”

Preferring the coming of the baby to be far from the limelight, the Girls Next Door star said, “I just want a normal birth, but a lot of drugs, for zero pain.  I want to be able to love the experience.”

After all the buzz surrounding little Hank, you’d think she’ll be contented with one child.  But that’s not the case with Kendra Wilkinson, since she’s already planning on yet another baby.  This time, they’re going to try for a daughter.

“I want a little girl.  In a couple of years,” she confessed.

Source: The Indy Star
(Image Courtesy of The Indy Star)

Maria Gonzalez

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