No, there were no zombies, ghost or dead bodies in this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother. But the dead, particularly a “dead” father in Lily’s eyes, came back to life just in time for Thanksgiving. “Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of The Slap” was a great follow-up to “Slapsgiving” as it toyed with the real meaning of family and forgiveness while giving us a bunch of moments and made-up words to laugh about.

There were a lot of firsts in this episode. It’s Marshall and Lily’s first time to be hosting Thanksgiving in their own apartment, and it’s also the first time we see Lily’s father Mickey, who happens to be a failed board game inventor.

Like most TV Thanksgivings, Marshall and Lily’s celebration was not without some major drama. Mickey, who has basically abandoned Lily all her life, suddenly showed up unannounced at Lily’s apartment much to the dismay of Lily, who was unaware that her husband Marshall invited him. Lily had a hard time accepting her father because he’s one of those people who has been “dead” to her. Apparently, there had been others, including the guy who used to serve her regular coffee instead of decaf at the coffee shop. But upon learning about the death of the coffee shop guy, Lily felt bad and resented the way she treated him even though she really didn’t know him very well, and as a result, tried to mend her relationship with her father before it’s too late.

On the lighter side of things, we learned about Marshall’s perfect 22-pound organic turkey, which he lost in a cab. Luckily and coincidentally, Robin and Ted found it at the Port Authority lost and found. As a thank you, Marshall bequeathed the fourth slap to Ted and Robin, who eventually argued among themselves as to who gets to do the honors of slapping Barney.  Ted gave up his slap to Robin for payback after their split. Robin gave up her slap to Mickey as part of his welcome to the family. Mickey gave up his slap to Lily as a wedding gift but Lily can’t do it so Marshall suddenly stepped in to slap Barney, rounding up the total slaps to four.

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Kris De Leon

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