We’re counting down the days until Christmas, and it just takes too long to send a handwritten note these days. We thought we’d streamline the process for Santa a bit and put all our e-mails to Santa here so he can access them on the go with his iPhone. If he doesn’t have an iPhone by now, the elves aren’t doing their job. So here are BuddyTV’s Christmas wishes for television.

Dear Santa,

This Christmas I would really like the Real Housewives to stop writing books and recording songs. I know it’s a lot to ask, but if anyone can make them stop, it’s you. Also, I was wondering if you could make the Lifetime Network make some more Lifetime Original Movies? More movies would make it feel like Christmas all year, and that’s what you want, right? Also I would like an advance DVD copy of The Craigslist Killer on Lifetime. Say hi to the elves for me.


Dear Santa,

Wassup? Remember that from all those beer commercials? Speaking of the past, all I want for Christmas this year is more TV reunions. Maybe you could get the entire cast of Firefly to guest star on an episode of Castle, or maybe you could have Alexis Bledel show up with Lauren Graham on Parenthood. There are so many great TV shows from the past whose stars need to reunite to remind us all of better times.

Oh, and if you have time after that, maybe you could try some of that peace on Earth and goodwill toward men stuff, but definitely get to my thing first.


Dear Santa,

Since I know I haven’t been very good this year, I have two small requests: Please let Tyra Banks’ forthcoming young adult fantasy series, “Modelland,” get published as soon as is magically possible. As Jeff Winger on Community said, “That will be the worst book I ever read cover to cover.” And speaking of Community, can I have my very own Abed? If not, I will settle for my very own Annie’s Boobs. (The monkey from Community. I already have a pair of boobs.) Thank you!

You are so awesome. I love you. Say hi to Mr. Narwhal for me, please.

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a very good girl all year, but I’ll keep my list short. First, I would like it if you kept Chuck on TV forever and ever. If you do, I’ll leave you a Subway sandwich next to the cookies next year. Second, Hannah on Bones is a naughty girl, who does not deserve the gift of Booth. Please rethink that, OK? Third, please give me James Wolk in a series that will last longer than Lone Star. He’s pretty. Finally, I would like it if you could keep the political people off reality shows like Dancing with the Stars. All of the political people, but especially the ones from Alaska.

Thank you Santa!


Dear Santa,

I promise I’ve totes been good this year. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my taste in television. So maybe since I’ve been so good, do you think you could find a way to keep some of my bad shows on just a little bit longer? Namely, ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager and The CW’s 90210. After so many actually good shows getting canned this year, it doesn’t leave me a lot of hope for my tween-geared guilty pleasures.

90210xmas.jpgAdditionally, if you have time, it would be super if you could get the Glee kids to cover more Wham! songs, keep Lindsay Lohan out of rehab and on the Dancing with the Stars contenders list, and make Tyra Banks stop using weird accents on America’s Next Top Model. And please bring some Transformers for my brother.

BTW, I’m trying to track down the recipe for Tiffani’s Rice Krispies treat snowballs from Top Chef All-Stars, so you don’t get stuck with stale Triscuits and Fresca like I left you last year.

Love always,

RachelBerryChristmas.jpgWhat’s your Christmas wish? We’ll make sure Santa gets it; we know a guy.

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Carla Patton

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