Supernatural ends the first half of season 6 with a major event: Sam getting his soul back. However, the real mystery of the season is still around, and Death returns to drop a very big clue about what’s going on. We also get the return of Balthazar and Tessa, resulting in a pivotal episode and a great way to end 2010.

Dean is Become Death

With the help of an old friend of John Winchester named Dr. Robert (creepily played by Robert “Freddy Krueger” Englund), Dean temporarily kills himself to talk to Death about getting Sam’s soul back. Death offers the option of bringing Adam back instead, but Dean doesn’t really care about his half-brother at all.

Death offers a deal: He’ll bring Sam’s soul back and even put up a temporary wall to block out the bad Hellish scars left by Lucifer and Michael, and in exchange, Dean has to put on his ring and become Death for a day.

Needless to say, Dean does it and goes on a one-day death march with Tessa doing the reaping. The only problem is that killing people isn’t all fun.

Dean’s List of Victims

The Guy Robbing a Convenience Store: Dean starts out easy and has no problem taking this scumbag after the store owner shoots him.

Tne Fat Guy Who Has a Heart Attack: The man is eating pizza by the pie, so Dean again has no problem.

The 12-Year-Old Girl in the Hospital: This is where being Death is no fun, because Dean can’t bring himself to take a dying girl in the hospital, so he doesn’t.

The Nurse: Dean’s inactions have consequences, because the girl’s nurse goes home early and gets into a car accident, forcing Dean to take her long before she was supposed to die. This leads Dean to follow the nurse’s husband who tries to kill himself, forcing Dean to take off the ring early to save him.

The Little Girl: However, before he can finish, he learns a valuable lesson about not messing with the natural order of things, so Dean slips the ring back on for one last act as Death. He goes to the hospital and takes the little girl.

Sam is Become Death

Meanwhile, Sam isn’t so wild about the idea of getting his soul back, so he contacts Balthazar for info on how to prevent his soul from coming back. Balthazar, who is still a fan of very deep V-necks, would like to have a guy like Sam on his side, so he gives him a spell that involves patricide.

Since John Winchester is dead, surrogate patricide will do, so Sam attacks Bobby and, just as he’s ready to kill him, Dean comes to save the day. Thank God he took that ring off early, because Sam absolutely would’ve killed Bobby.

Death is Become Death Again

With Sam stopped, Death returns to reclaim his ring and have a little chat with Dean. It gives me pause that Death is as fond of crappy junk food like pizza and hot dogs as I am. Death wanted to teach Dean a valuable lesson about the natural order because, with all the times Dean and Sam have come back from the dead, they are the most unnatural (or supernatural) beings in existence.

But Death still agrees to restore Sam’s soul because the brothers are on the verge of something very big about souls. Death is very cryptic, but he refers to the high value of souls, just like Balthazar did. In other words, there’s something very, very major going on that most likely has to do with souls, purgatory and the Alphas. However, I have no idea what that could be. For now I just have to have faith that Sera Gamble knows what she’s doing.

The episode ends with Sam getting his soul back. Good for him, but I have no doubt that the wall protecting him from pure torment will fall before the end of the season.

Supernatural doesn’t return until January 28, but when it does, the brothers investigate virgins. That sound you hear is Dean’s tongue hitting the floor.

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